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11 October 2011

GROW: The Adventures of Emma and Annette

Tonight at Grow was pretty great. A lot of visits were made and a lot of people encouraged.

Tonight summarized:
Emma wanted a cheeseburger! Annette did succesfully deposit wrappers in Emma's door. On a not to successful note - there were only 3 hard candies with the soft center. One visit was not home but the other was, well..ok so when we knocked on the door a girl answered and said "I think you have the wrong apartment. Oh wait! Oh yeah she does live here!"

Had a great time. I will have to tell you of other adventures some time too.


10 October 2011

Proverbs 10

I write in a prayer Journal every morning for this addiction program I go to caller RU. Every morning you read that days Proverb.

Today is the 10th so it's Proverbs 10.

What I got mostly from today's Proverb is that even though we sometimes turn to foolish things, a lot of the time the Lord takes those thing out of our lives. He will only let us get so far into our sin. He wants us to make wise decisions in life and to build up riches in Heaven. He will bless us on earth as well though.