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28 November 2008

Cathy of California

Hey everyone. I trust you are having a good holiday. Hope everyone had a lovely Thankgiving!!

I was looking at my friend's shop the funkyfelter at her beautiful designs. She really has the ability to felt the most beautiful handmade goods. I just love this hat:

So I decided to look more into it. I think I may try a few projects and see what I can do. When I was looking for instuctions on I found the most biggested vintage inspiration I've yet to come upon in my crafting life! Cathy of California. She collefts, repurposes and make vintage items. Not only does she have beauitful things she makes herself but she really puts herself out there and make kits for us simpltons to do..

I absolutely fell in love with these pin cushions!!

This is one item I'm seriously contemplating purchasing either this kit or the vintage flower kit.

Super cute flower loom!!(kit!!!!!!!)

The flowers themselves..

I would be alot more bloggy but I am pretty sure I am getting sick. :( Boo! I still have one more Thanksgiving to dinner to eat on Sunday.
Tomorrow- my precious Daniel will be here!! I love him so much, hehe you'll never comprehend. Hopefully I'll feel better, he's here all weekend. Maybe I will do a blog on him, so you all will have a better idea of who he is.
Peace and love!


27 November 2008

New Blog

Oh my! Look how pretty she is. All nice and done up. I am still collecting links though so feel free to submit.

Today I went over to Buffy Shananananaaa's for Thanksgiving. It was delicious. Pretty much. And we played this game call "Apples to Apples" it was..really funny. I suggest it.

I am super dooper tired. But I will say I got all my Etsy Shop Updated! Go have a look (link to the left) just in time for the Black Friday.Cyber Monday Sale! Enjoy your savings.

More next week..promise.



Hello everyone. I'm sure you have noticed a change in my blog. I really wanted the 3 column for a while but it took me some time to find the right look. Things are really coming together.

Of course my widgets got reset and I lost alot of links etc. If you would like to be linked up comment this blog with your name/web address. I'll have a look and get ya up.

Don't worry, more will be added later, but it's 2:30am on Thanksgiving and I need sleep for some major turkey tomorrow!!


26 November 2008

The Perfect Gift

First of all I would like to introduce Oopsie. She is the first feltie I have ever made. I'm sure somewhere in my childhood I may have made a felt finger puppet but nothing to this magnetude. It was inspired by Elsie Flannigan's Felties, Peter Pan and Wild Things.
Her name is Oopsie because I messed up sooooo many times. But she still has that lovely feeling.
Anyway what I wanted to share with you is that Thanksgiving is tomorrow and with it comes Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Two of the busiest shopping days ever. Why? Because of the sales of course. I am participating in The Perfect Gift (KC ETSY) Sale in my etsy shop.

So be sure to check my sale out. You can find the other members of KC Etsy's The Perfect Gift Sale by searching "KCETSYSALE" at
Every item you see in my shop that has this logo will be included in the sale, here's the won't know until 12am Friday morning, what those items are!! It gives an old school "Rise and Shine" feeling to that Black Friday Shopping. ('s online woowhoo!)
So keep an eye out. More to come!!
Also..I want to say a Very Big Happy Birthday to my bestie..Chelsey Renee Davault..who is 23 today. Love you.


25 November 2008

Daniel Leigh..

I had a fantastic weekend with my very close friend Daniel Leigh:

We watched my favourite film, Beetlejuice..and we also watched (can you believe he's not seen) FERRIS BUELLERS DAY OFF. We laughed alot. Went to the town centre for a while because we were having out lights switch on. Took James some treats and hot cocoa. Came home and played guitar.

Our time together is always filled with talking, hugs and kisses. And super ideas. He came up with a promo idea for his band. And I've been filling my head with ideas all week anyway. He always encourages me to better than ever. For the brief 3 days, he made me feel so normal. I only felt crappy 3 times, and it wasn't like "I'm going to bed." it was so much more milder, my mind was off of pain and feeling sick.

Yes..I started..

365. I am so excited about this. But I am also a lil worried I won't keep up haha!

Hey all I have super cute brooches in my Etsy. And I'm getting ready to add some more jounrals..AND a SUPER DOOPER SURPRISE!! A girt that I am dedicating to "Kc Etsy: The Perfect Gift" which will be on sale on Friday this weekend!! And another item on Cyber Monday. Woo!

I am totally beat.
Peace and love.


20 November 2008

Etsy Shop Update!!

Ok well I know it's been a while since I've told ya what has been going on with my shop. First off, the past couple weeks have been my favourite in creating and I think that I will enjoy the rest of the year. Sales have been picking up, so tell your family and friends. And don't be afraid to buy a little something, my first 30/maybe 50 sales I', sending out a bunch of freebies too.

I made this art journal. It is composed of completely repurposed and recycled materials. It has a very vintage, one of a kind look. I loved making it. The next one will be more themed and I will make many more!!

These candles are also repurposed. The wax was from church candles I obtained from my church. I added yummy scents, REAL MINT AND LAVENDER from my garden, for a fresh smell. And they are pretty pretty.

Last but not least I made these cute little brooches. They were so fun to make. For me it's like scrapbooking and I LOVE scrapbooking so it was like taking it with me. They are cool on bags and jackets or just worn as a cute little feature on any outfit.

I will be making more art journals. So keep an eye out from them. I will also be doing some soap and ACEO art! Woo. Anyway I better get going, have a meeting with my lawyer!

Ps. I need to clean my office/workspace..does anyone else have a big mess to clean up?


18 November 2008

More Inspiration

Ok. So I know haven't been taking alot of photos. But I promise I will catch up at some point. I've just been in overload with ideas and I'm just now having time to get them down.

First of thing I adore..are these art jounals people are making. I would love to make one.I've been saving some scraps of card from pizza boxes and Coca-Cola ones too. Trying to recyle some of the junk I pick brochures and stuff too.

Here is an awesome art journal I saw Holly Neufeld:

So pretty fun! I can't wait to make one but I always try to get my hands on one made already just so I can see what more is involved.

I made Peanutbutter Cup hand soaps and also Tiny Snowmen hand soaps!! They are really cute. And the best part is they are gentle and have antural ingredients for sensitive skin! :) The soap making endevour is a little discouraging. I tried to go one route but it's realy tempermental. I think I will buy some SLS free Glycerin Soap bases and continue with my ideas. I'll show pics soon.

I'm getting a tonne of inspiration from Etsy stores. When you get time just search or surf around the site..there is so much to see. I love looking at the soaps and scrap book gear. I can't wait until I am not as sick and I can go back to the States, Springfield , Mo and live and work!!

I wanted to show so much more. But I'm sooo tired. Thanks for listening!!


16 November 2008


I'm really excited to make some soap next week. I have ideas running through my head and I'm in overload. I just need to start on it you know. And don't worry I keep up on my blogs and show you along the way. Yum yum soap. The kind I am making you will want to eat. Hehe.

Anyway. I was thinking about this Project 365, and I think I will start soon. why wait until January 1st? If I start soon the more photos I will have to share with others and I can take some more exciting ones when I visit my friends and family. ;)

As excited as I am - I'm still pretty tired and tomorrow I have church. Come to think of it..Monday I have an apt for my tonsilectomy..but maybe I'll get some soaps done before then.

Sold another item in my store!! Keep looking in the etsy shop (link to right) because I'm usually updating every other week. :)

Peace and love!!


14 November 2008


Just been jumping around on the internet looking for inspiration here and there.

I've been looking for some reipes for soap that are more natural and harmless. As I have HS I want it for myself but I also need some good projects for my etsy shop for the next month. I think my may just try from coldpress glycerin recipes, if you have any or are a soap maker let me know what a beginner should do.

The candle making is sooo fun. They are so yummy and pretty. I'm going to look for smaller pots and totally repurpose all the wax in my garage..which is alot because my church had some leftover ones!! I found out that just a tiny bit of crayola a pinch, will color a candle!!

Anyway what I really wanted to post about is the Project 365!! It looks really fun and I want everyone to get invovled. It will enrich your life so much. I want to get people to commit to it so I am going to start on 1 Jan. It's also a great time to start a resolution that won't invovle food, drugs or weight. The photos from day to day and month to month will show how you change, physically.

Look it up on google and see if you like the idea..if so we will work together and chare pics! Be sure to join it's free and fun and will help.


12 November 2008

Inspiration Time

I absolutely love this artist, Lauren. She has a clean less complicated style. This ACEO card is available among others in her etsy store. I think ACEO is a great way to collect art for a good price from your favourite artists, and better yet you can display them in those plastic card pockets!! You can really make some beautiful arrangements in color or style or theme!! So keep an eye out for these this winter, it'd be a GREAT hobby to start. Lauren is a part of a community I'm in called WE LOVE ETSY. And boy we do.

Emily Soullierre is a member of a community I am involved in called KcEtsy. I love the bright colors of this wallet. I love mixing and matching patterns and bright colors. I think it NEVER goes out of style and I'm sure there is proof somewhere that the stimulation from fresh colors does rejuvinate, like citrus shower gel.

This girl is so amazing. She is super talented, successful and she doesn't let it get to her head. I enjoy buying and crafting with people who care. You can see the care in their products! I especially love this underwear postcard pack!!

Elsie Flannigan, there is loads to be inspired by on her blog and also, she is having a class, it may be full now but I'm sure there are a lot of chances in the future to learn from her.

I have an exciting announcement for my shop and sure to keep checking back. Oh I can't wait to tell you. :)


10 November 2008

You can stand under my umbrella ella ella hey hey hey..

Hello. It rained all day and all night last night. Me and dad still went down town, we dropped off our presc. meds and then went down town. He did some band stuff and I saw some really awesome chipbaord lettering at The Grafton. It was cool.

I discovered a hole in my armpit..not the nicest discovery ever. So I will go to the doctor. Maybe they can put me on drugs that heal me. Or something, because nothing under my arms is healing. HS can be difficult to figure out sometimes.

Anyway. I am super dooper sleepy right now, so I'm off. Tomorrow..lots of work! I have to list a bunch of things on e-bay. And do some pages for scrap booking and start looking for some more paper to reuse for some stuff. Yup yup.

Peace and love!!


8 November 2008

Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Hey everyone. So I was looking for alternative treatment from taking pain killers long term. Most of you will say "just take the pain killers" but those of you who do I highly doubt take copius amount of it. Long term use of synthetic opiate drugs is very dangerous as it can severely damage your liver.

Some more natural alternatives I've found are Iboga can actually get Iboga tea, so I might try that to use in my system, it has MANY benefits. Not only pain relieving ones. There is also Medical Marijuana. I am not a fan of smoking it, but there are other ways of using it too. Don't get me wrong - I am not a stoner. but I've read many people with m coniditon are users and it does help to control long term pain and even helps alot in reducing infammation!!

If you have any natural alternatives to pain killers please let me know. And I will look into it. Also feel free to give my your opinions on Iboga and Cannabis.

Remember, there is no cure for HS and over time it does get worse. There is no clinical successful treatment either, only slight controls.


6 November 2008

Been feeling kind of scrappy..

I've been scrapbooking, I find it really helps me with stress and worrying. You wouldn't think I am a stressful person but I have alot of health problems and I tend to get stressed out whether I notice or not.

Anyhow check out these pages I've done!!

Here is a little information about my condition.
Information on hidradenitis suppurativa

Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) is an uncommon chronic inflammatory skin condition.It effects inverse areas of the body, top of inner thighs, bottom, genitals, armpits, under the breasts in women and less commonly the stomach, hair line and behind the ears. The symptoms of Hidradenitis Suppurativa vary greatly, it can be as slight as black heads and pimples or as serious as large draining lesions, growing to the size of golf balls. It has been suggested that HS may not be as rare as believed, but that people are hesitant to come forward through shame and embarrassment. Also the figures are low through lack of accurate diagnosis.Very little research has been done into Hidradenitis Suppurativa. It is known as an 'orphan' illness, which means, because it is considered rare there are no pharmaceutical companies that have taken up the challenge to find a decent treatment or cure. What we do know however, is that it is caused by the tendency of the appocrine hair follicle to become blocked. The question now is why? HS has been linked with auto immune disorders, it also has been found to have a genetic link. HS is more common in women, and seems to be effected by the hormones, although no exact pattern has emerged. As with many skin disorders, HS symptoms are increased by stress.

The three clinical stages of Hidradenitis Suppurativa :

Stage 1: Single or multiple abscesses form, without sinus tracts and cicatrization (scar formation)
Stage 2: Recurrent abscesses form, with tract formation and cicatrization. There may be single or multiple widely separated lesions.
Stage 3: Diffuse or near-diffuse involvement or multiple interconnected tracts and abscesses are observed across the entire area

It has been reported that as many as 80% of HS sufferers are diagnosed as clinically depressed. Depression is common amongst people who have to live in chronic pain. It can be treated with medication, but to cure the depression completely the reason for the depression must be removed. As there is no known cure for HS, this is not possible.

Diagnosis of Hidradenitis Suppurativa

If you have more than three boils in any one year, you should visit your Medical Practitioner. Boils can be a symptom of many illnesses and your doctor should test you for these. The diagnosis of Hidradenitis Suppurativa generally comes from the dermatologist, and is made from observing the areas where the boil-like lesion are, and the common presence of black heads and scarring.It is easily diagnosed if the dermatologist is familiar with the skin disorder.

Medical Treatments for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

There is not a single treatment that has been developed specifically for Hidradenitis. Therefore active involvement in choosing treatment and research is advisable. What may work for one patient, may be detrimental to another. Although HS is not Acne, the symptoms are sometimes similar and Dermatologists are keen to suggest Acne treatments, which have been proved to be ill-effective.Here is a list of the current treatments that may be offered to HS patients:
Antibiotics, (commonly tetracyclines) long term as a preventive measure, and short term (typically Ciprofloxicillin) for secondary infections. Many of these antibiotics react badly with sunlight and alcohol, and can cause nausea and bowel problems.

High-dose systemic steroids for their inflammatory effect.
Birth control Pills, as a measure to balance hormones.
Retinoids have been used with limited results.

Surgical treatments for Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Stage 1: May need incision and drainage
Stage 2: recurring lesions can be surgically removed along with any connecting tracts. Secondary healing is found to be most effective. There is a 50% chance of reoccurrence.
Stage 3: As the disease progresses, skin grafts and plastic surgery may be needed because of poor healing.

Radiotherapy is a treatment that is starting to be used again for HS.A recent study by Frochlich et al in Germany reported complete relief in 38% of patients, 40% dramatically improved and 2% had no effect. There were no reported complications, associated with the radiation.