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30 October 2008

Hello. Hello Fall. Hello you.

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share with you a few things today!! It's FALL. Yes, here in England it's fall, as in cold and dark..sooner. It gets dark around 4:30pm. So we only have a few hours of good light. BUT it feels like halloween. I'm not a big celebrator, I go out in the States, dress up. But I don't really party much or trick or treat. But the strange thing is, when I go for a the next smells like it did when I was kid. The sun is shining but it's also cloudy, it's chilly but a flannel shirt is all I need, and it smells like freshness. You feel the warmth of the inside..outside and appreciate it much more. Home becomes cozy, inside warm, hot things comforting. The smell of apple pie or mince pies makes you want to curl up and watch a movie or play a game or (for me!!) scrap book. Tea tastes better, sleep is harder. It's fall.

So I made these fingerless gloves!!

I know they kind of look hobo(ish) still but do not fear, these special fingerless gloves I will be adding buttons and lace to. Maybe some cool stuff I find.


My Mum made them, I iced them. BOOOOO!!!
This is where I walk!!
This is the pub up the road! Doesn't it remind you of The Holiday!! Hehe.

My first layout in my scrap book where I've sewn it!!

This is of my great friend/brother Elree Ellis(as most know him). He changed my life in one summer. I've never seen so much love from someone as I have from this man and his family. Now I have many sisters and brothers and even a Mum away from my real Mum. Sharon, Will's mother always makes a soul feel loved and welcome and we enjoy eachothers fellowship so much!! Love and miss you guys!!
That's all for now. I'm very sleepy. But tomorrow we get our frist Tesco Rental by post. Wooowhoo finally some good wholesome films, instead of the flops that they have available at Blockbuster here.
Peace and Love!
Six Gun Annie


26 October 2008


I am thinking of making a few Art Journals for Home Decor and Scrap Booking. I know the Scrap Booking Journal will come handy whilst I am still living in England and the Home Decor Journal will be useful when I move back to the States. I may make a couple or buy a cute one from Elsie. For now I am going to show you what tickles my creative mind!! :)

I miss my Holga! Holga cameras make the more beaultiful effective prints. I even use mine in photoshoots with paying clients, and LOVE LOVE the results.

Green. Green is my favourite color. I love all shades from darker to lighter tones. My new place will definitely have green walls or accents.

There little Chinese toys are adorable. I took those pics at the International Market in Huntingdon, England. The little dolls are wooden and I have seen people make clay ones too. I think it would be a fun project, perhaps I'll look for kits!

These vintage mugs! They stack well and are readily available in thrift stores! Go get some! (Leave some for me though)

Last but not least CLIP BOARDS. I saw someone using them on her wall. I think her name is Rachel, I saw her link on Elsie's blog, I might have even added it in "talented people" on the right. But basically, they are GREAT organizing projects on your wall. You can line them up. I will deffinitely be implementing that idea!

Sorry to make it soooo short but I'm beat! My pictures I ordered should be here tomorrow. I may be lost in scrap world for a few days. And I'm scrap booking with Buffy and Trish on Thursday. Woooowhooo!
Peace and Love!
-sixgunannie ox


24 October 2008

:: etsy shop update!! ::

hey everyone. hope you had a good week and are getting ready for a super weekend!!

this week has been pretty busy. monday as you can see i did a practise run for my sushi and i am very excited to make tonnes for the alconbury independent baptist church's ladies "a taste of the orient" lunheon on saturday.

wednesday i scrapped. i made a doug martin page. it looks super dooper cool. i will be meeting buffy and co for our little scrap booking club next thursday!! excited!!

today i made a few sandwiches for those who don't like the way the orient tastes hehe. and tonight (fri) is our church's international dinner. i will attempt to take some photos to show off.

anyway etsy update has been done. i added 3 card making kits, thanks toy our votes. the winning vote is the design i made. and i also listed a wallet "love is". it's really cute and special. it will teach you what love is and how to know it in 11 days!! there is only one right now so get your hands on it, it's a super reasonable price. you can find it at my shop by clicking here.

here are some pics!

i also have quite a few things listed on ebay. so click here so see what i have listed.
anyway i'm super tired and i need a nap! have a good night!


21 October 2008

let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and truth. 1J3:18

important message i made for all my friends. i like to think i do my "part" but my part is never finished. more people that give of themselves(money, time, an ear) the more peace we will have.

peace and love!
six gun annie


20 October 2008

sushi maniac!

yes that's me. a sushi maniac. i love making and eating sushi. so to no ones surprise i am making tonnes on saturday (possibly a few on fri too) for the international dinner at church and the ladies taste of the orient tea on sat.

i will be taking orders for parties up until christmas, so book now or forever hold your peace. i have great deals on platters, and can present with the theme of your party! each platter includes YOUR FAV variation, dipping sauces and tempura(optional) yum yum. message me for details!

here are some i made tonight for my fam:

tomorrow i see the anastesiologist. i'm not sure how you spell that, but hopefully he will be impressed with my weightloss and book me for surgery within the next month. yayee!! and OUCH !!.

wednesday i'm getting together with buffy s. for some mega scrap booking. we are starting at 10am! woowhoo. i will probably do a couple pages. and then start on my christmas card kits!! the winner will be announced soon.

thats all for now i'm soooo sleepy!!

peace and love!!
-six gun annie

ps. i love poker palace. im addicted. :O


16 October 2008

oh i do like..

elsie flannigan's new journals she has available in her etsy store they are super cool and going green with some recyled paper <3

i am getting so ecited at some day receiving a settlement from when that drunk driver hit me..and am looking forward(among many other things) getting a loft and new super cute plain (not with those logos) dishes and pieces of dinnerwear!!

i had a mountain dew can today..we don't have the great md here in england, so i enjoyed whilst watching a movie tonight. and it was really special. yummy !!

i absolutely LOVE my daniel leigh!! i'm super proud of every achievement he's made in every band he's started or worked with and his solo career, and his super hot body he maintains by taking off his shirt and working out in front of me..hehe.

someday - i'm going to have my favourite sushi roll. the fried california roll with tempura and sweet spicy sauce. oh yes. bring on the wasabi and soy sauce. buurrrp.

i have one lime left. i think i will save it for saturday night..with lots of salt.

those are just a few of my favourite thiiiings. hehe. be sure to check out if you have an etsy store. it's a great community.

peace and love!
-six gun

(ps vote on your favourite card design!!)


14 October 2008

card making kits!!

hey everyone. im making some card making kits. i have 8 proto-type designs and i will making the winning vote (see right for poll) into a kit you can purchase from my store and easily make and send to your friends. :]

get a closer look here:

simple white:

merry christmas landscape:


simple 3d:


to you there:

merry christmas:

hello to you:
so get voting. in other news i'm making some credit card holders and wallets. from leather and an old skirt woo.
peace and love,
-six gun annie


13 October 2008

//still recovering//

from the weekend. i know crazy. im way too young to be this tired.

anyway. i had some CRAZY nightmare last night.

first one ::
i was almost like the star of a horror movie, because i knew what was going to happen, maybe it was a reoccuring dream. however. it started with me wading across a small little river/waterfall and finding some huge metal piece of a ship in the water. i didn't want the bad guy(who was like a demon ghosts..he reminded me a freddy crougar and also the devil thing from event horizon) to get it for some reason. so.. i crossed the river and went into a dark house. (now this p a r t was like a l o n e in the d a r k, the game and like the foofighters vid). i walk into the house. and immediately i feel comfortable. i walk across the front room and look up and see this room, kindah in the attic area, i walk closer to it and see two littel twin boys playing with a ball. they were pale and have raggedy shorts on, floppy hair and looked adorable, i rubbed their heads and said, ya playin? then i walked past them and one turned around and grabbed my leg..and i think i was suppost to go up there in the attic and face the demons. coz he said "you must go.." and i was like "no freaking way." and i struggles free, ran across a football field and came to a diner/cafe hotelish place. i ran across the dining room to the toilets (the bad guy was chasing me! with his younger son who was similar to the aussie guy from Coyote Ugly but on some bad demon trip p p p !!) i got inside and i REALLY had to pee just as i sat down and started to tinkle i stopped and lifted my feet up coz i saw HIS feet walk in. i was really quiet but it was too late he knew i was in there and he busted the door open. he told me to take the knife and shove it in my chest. then he went around the corner to wait for me to kill myself, instead i moaned like i did, but pushed past them and ran downstairs to the diner..there i hit under some kids with afro's table. but as soon as i looked out from it he was there and said :: heeello :: i forced myself to wake up. i was all sweaty, it was so intense i knew i would fall right back into it so i put a movie in and went back to sleep like 20 mins later.

second one i do not remember too well.

the third one there was a HUGE haunted school. i happend to go there. which the chinese boy from "heroes" and chelsey. we entered and of course it's at night with no lights. the first class was a in a small room just to the right of the front door. the front door always had a candle so it was easy to stand going to that class. got in and sat through a lesson in business..led by a nice ghost teacher. there were a few mean ghost students that were SO :: m e s s e d :: up that you couldn't even look at them, they were like the ghosts from 13th ghost. you know evil looking, suicidal and missing limbs. anyway when class was over we lit some candles and went to our next was down the hall to the left of the front door. we had to pass by the gym which was empty but you could hear faint screaming and oooaaahs like the oooaaah on beetlejuice when they are trying to scare delia in her designed sheets and lydia is knocking on the walls saying "im a child!" anyway. that was really spooky, as i looked over me lft should i noticed i left my laundry in that room. i don't know why i had my laundry but i did and i kept thinking "don't forget your laundry" that first class was like a "safe" room as long as you kept your eyes forward. we came to our second class and there were no REAL desks or chairs, only see through ghost ones. so me the chinese boy went to another class room to get some. when we walked in the room there was a ghost of the woman who made our first american flag, whith the people who were hanging in the school in sixth sense. they were mad and didn't want us to take the chair and started to groan with scary multiple voices like demons. i started to yell "the power of christ compells you the power of christ compells you and this only made them mad as they started to levitate. then i said :: in the name of jesus christ i command thee to show yourself :: and the voices came together in unison and said "i am here" and then a BRIGHT !! light came from the corner just above and to the left of my head and floated down, i couldn't even look at it, he said "i command thee to stop!" and they stopped. my guess is it was god. i forced myself to wake up.

so let me know what you think. scary or what? i know..right. anyway. im exhausted. i made 8 christmas card(prototypes) i will put them on here and you can decide which one is the best. which ever you choose i will make it into a card making kit for 5 cards and put it on my etsy shop. i will also give one pack away in a contest so keep an eye out!

peave and love!!

:: ( and aparently s p o o k y dreams!! )


12 October 2008

this weekend we went to..

We had alot of was totally exhausting though. Anyway..


Punting on the river..

this looked really intersting. i think it's like and offline etsy. everything handmade..with L(o)VE :: !!

i want some of these for my apartment when i move back to springfield. they remind me of me and chelsey for some reason! !!

:serious. buildings.

SERIOUSLY - !! they are not allowed to have cars at cambridge university. so there are like, billions of bicycles YEAH..and from the lovely tour I went on i learnt..they also were not aloowed to go to it would distract them from their studies!! !! seriously. only:it was a long time ago.!

they are BIG on music..personally i thought he was far from rubbish. muahahaha. THIS IS A REAL PIC I TOOK..guy playing in trash can.

thats all she wrote kids. im tired. ox