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13 December 2009


I'm really sick. Boo. Awaiting test results.


10 December 2009


Lara Jade makes me want to get out my camera more..
..she is my favourite UK photographer, I hope to have her guest blog some day.
I'm still writing my novel, if only I were that dedicated to things like (which reminds me to track my food today) at least.
A huge actress type inspiration to me..Taylor Momsen.
I would love to be able to create something like this someday..

Ok I am head over heels for a fictional character. And it's not even his looks really. I mean he's okay looking sometimes but since reading all the books..I'm just waiting for a boyfriend who is that dedicated to me too! Until then I can always giggle whilst I read or watch..

Oh ps: someone said my most recent photo makes me look a bit like Neve Campbell..what do you think?


8 December 2009

I haven't been blogging *NEARLY* enough!!

I haven't been blogging much lately. I've been feeling rather ill. No worries - I am doing everything I can to find out what's wrong and to get better. My inspiration has been up up up though! I still do my daily reads of abeautifulmess, Rachel Denbow and Freckled Nest. And when I have the hours and energy I have been writing a novel. Today I'm going to finish my wreath and some more headbands for my shop. I have a showcase on Christmas so be sure to pop online and have a looksee.

To blog more I'm going to try to blog each day the rest of this week with PHOTOS. All sorts of inspiration reflecting my mood and what I'm thinking about. Come back for more.


2 December 2009

Sneek Peak!

Hey everyone I have a few items I've added to my etsy shop. This is really just a sneek peak/preview of what is to come. Plenty of headbands will be added this week so keep checking back. How cute!?
If you have any suggestions on themes or headbands let me know!! There is a whole world of possibility and I'm all about custom.
Have a good humpday.


1 December 2009

Cute as ever!

Here is MY Charlie..
Most handsome..
He turned 4 yrs last month..
And here are a few different ones..