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31 August 2009

People I love (rollip photos)

Here are some ROLLIP photos of some people I love dearly. (read all the way to bottom..there is more news!!)

My niece Iliana and brother Joey

This is them again when she was 2! Bless..

Diana and Joey

This is me, course!


My dear friend
Laura Williams

Me and Joey

Me and my other brother, Mikey

Me and Mikey's wife, Rachel

My lovely friend Doug Martin, he's always listened to me when I had a problem, prayed for my when I needed prayer and took me to the store when I needed toilet paper! Love this man!!

Brent Thornton, this guy steal my heart too. Such a good friend. He's so caring and loving.

I just adore that site. Great for scrapbooking and blogging. I'll probably print a few photos like this when I start a new photo album when I move.

I am so excited to be a student of one of my favourite business icons:

FRECKLED NEST! Leigh-Ann taught me so much when I did some advertising for her and I know I will learn how to use the tools I have and how to get a clear vision of my business. I encourage each one of you to do something similar! I am pumped to take this class!!

I'm also excited to announce the winner of the Laura Lips Prize Draw of KC Etsy is Jae Morgan, thanks for entering your prize will be posted asap! :)

Hey everyone, I'm going to illustrate a book I'm writing for small children (my classroom) called "Let's go for a walk" and it will have the kids in my class and how we discover new things outside, smell, taste and feel nature while we go on our daily walks! And I'm hopign to learn some children's songs on guitar to sing and play next week at work.

I love my job, working with children is one of the best jobs I have ever had. Mornings are hard, but I've yet to be tempted to quit. :) Long as i can get enough rest.


28 August 2009

I picnik'd you do sometimes.


27 August 2009

Hello toooooshie!

Look at me look at me!!
I'm a big loser.
The good kind.


25 August 2009

Lil Photo Sesh with Jack Shanholtzer



24 August 2009

Today I love cherries!

How to make Cherry Wine

This adorable cherry dress is perfect for the summer. Some cute thick tights and a sweet sweater would even make it a great winter doo as well. Love love love from

These SWEET cherry shoes. I love love them, perfect with some slacks and a white blouse.

Sweetheart cream cheese cherry tarts,
home made

Cherry underwear purses!! These things are sooooo cute. I want one to carry on me to take to Mud Lounge and have a nice classy drink with friends, or a cuppa coffee and a cheese platter. These are found

cherries, of course

Queen Anne Cordials

Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom Wallpaper

This cherry material goes great with the checkered matierial. I would say..gorgeous apron if I owned

These scrapbooking papers are fantastic!
After a wonderful day at work I'm worn out and ready for some tea, a snackeroo and a film in bed or reading and an early night!
What cherries do you like??


23 August 2009

Things that inspire me Sunday..

This new movie is going to be great.
Where the Wild Things Are trailer. Also I am super excited about the new Alice in Wonderland film as well.

A huge zinc tub.
Heather Bullard is using it outdoors right now but will use it for drinks inside at parties, there are so many uses. I would like one when I settle and I'd plant a herb garden in it!!

This awesome
blog. I love finding new blogs to be inspired by. This one is a particular new favourite. I can't wait to be inspired even more!!

The illustrations and work of
The Black Apple. I really love the style of her paintings and the designs of her etsy items. This particular painting is wonderful, I love how her hair is and her tattoos. It reminds me a lot of myself. It makes me super happy and it makes me want to paint. I'm totally taken by the Oddfellows Orphanage collection! I want some for my house.

There are so many other inspiring blogs to go through. thank -you so much for looking at mine. I plan on working more on things as soon as I get to feeling better. And get time, right now the USAF has me working hard and long


22 August 2009


These fawns are darling!

Awesome vintage material.

I love this living room! Old school couch with crochetted blanket, simplistic furniture, I love the round lunch tray.

Elsie*cake's wonderful use for a tray.

One of the cutest Bentos yet and super healthy.

There is just a little inspiration for you. :)

Church tomorrow. Have a great night!



21 August 2009

A few TTV photos

I took these photos with my Canon Powershot, and an ooooold Kodak camera. It wasn't a box camera with a mirror (though I want to do some ttv photos like that soon as I find one) because I don't have one, but who made the rule you had to use one? I just used an oooold dusty camera and shot through the viewfinder.
This is a sock monkey I made..his name is Boogie Woogie.
I think I am going to make another sock toy and give them both to my neices for Christmas.
My Patterdale Daschund, Charlie.
Isn't he so handsome? Hehe.
Me course!
I'm loving my eyes.
Tomatoes we have grown. I love the orange!
It's finally Friday. I have a lot to do this weekend.
I need to:
1. Make another sock toy
2. Make some homemade hot chocolate mix (for my gift in a jar prsents)
3. Make a scrapbook page of myself and with pics of me for my classroom so my children can look at it and understand who "Miss Anne" is. :)
4. Finish my background check paperwork
5. Make an appointment next week for my blood to be drawn
6. Contact my nutritionist
7. Take another "after"'s so encouraging to look at!
8. Yard sale
9. Charlie has a dog show on Sat..I need to bathe and trim him
10. Love God as much as I possibly can..and clean my room.