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24 April 2009

pps. my woman crush


About Me..

List to do before 29 April:
- finish candles. Today I made cotton candy candles - pink and blue!! They smell great and I also made little mini tealights - they are pink and elegant. They will burn longer - they have organic beeswax.
- get two magazines: Elle and Vogue or Marie Claire, or even a cooking or scrapbooking one.
- finish mini me envelope book.
- make vegetarian lasagne for church Sunday.
- make a thank-you card for Buffy for getting me pickles. They have helped me not to cheat on my diet. Oh and Louisiana Hot Sauce.
- take alergy meds regularly and get plenty of rest and drink a lot of water.
- photograph my latest etsy items for an update.
- keep an eye on my e-bay stuff (buying and selling)
- wash my hair and make sure it's clean (enough to last a few days) including my extensions.
- cut Mum's hair.
- watch 17 Again.
- make sure I have no nail varnish or make up on.
- pack a small bag with plenty to do, nighties and clothes and slippers and robes.
- laundry and linens.

Reasons for (some of the) list:

I have really bad health. I have thyroid problems and a month ago my doctor said "you don't produce enough of the hormone that makes your heart beat. I'm suprprised it's beating now." so I am on a few more drugs - feeling so much better from it. I also have PCOS and Hydradenitis Superativa. Both of which can get so much better if I were to lose some weight. However - because of the thyroid takes a lot of time and is really hard for me to lose a significant amount of weight. For many if my thyroid is off it can make me tired and weak. There have been times when I couldn't even get out of bed or function properly because it was sooooo low. Or if it's off I can be emotional and comfort eat or not eat all then I gain so much back when I start eating again. So, I decided to have weight loss surgery. I had orginally looked into lap band (my father had it) however our surgeon told me that he thought Gastric Bypass would be a better option. I would lose weight fast - stay motivated and most likely would not fail like I would a diet. At this point my weight is seriously effecting my health and this will definitely be a great tool for me to take advantage of. My goal is to lose weight obviously, however - I also want to be hysically able to row a boat, climb a mountain, play tennis, run and jog, play sports and save whopping $ on clothes by getting to buy in sales and shop at Walmart/Asda! My doctors goals are to improve my health and get me off a couple meds I'm on. I can't wait.

There are of course complications that can arise. I could have trouble in surgery, develop a blood clot after, split staples or stitches or become malnutirious. I could develop dumping syndrome or get sick. There are fatalities and I am very nervous. But I trust God and my surgeon - so we are a go.

Take off to the rest of my life: 29 April 2009, five days and counting..

There will be pain and tears..followed by success.

Here is to health!


ps. this means I might/might not be online or posting for a week or so.


21 April 2009

Today I got my extensions (and beeswax)

Me giving Charlie a kiss for being a good boy when he met other dogs.

I got one beach blonde weft..and I'm not realy feeling it. My hair is also fading back to that reddish colour..only darker..sooo I think I will get a couple bottles of black and dye mine and the extensions.

You likes?

- picking up some scrapbook papers etc for the Ladies Scrap sesh at my church. I'll be teaching them how to make a minibook. Wooowhooo.
- take Charlie to garden centre - let him wear his cool hat.
- try to stay away from people as much as possible and stay out of fields (I'm due for surgery in a week and I was coughing a bit today - oh no)..
- make some "Sugar Cookies" and "Peppermint" scented small candles. They are going to be suuuuch cool colors, like light pink and turquois.
- get rest.

What you up to?


19 April 2009


Last night I was workin' online late and baby boy was snoring! I woke him up for kisses and a cuddle.

He is a big cuddler..we snoozed a bit.

This is him plotting to sleep in bed!! So I go to wash my face and come back to..

Charlie had tucked in! Pillow, blanket and that blue sheet is my blanky!

I got in bed and he was still sleeping!!

He's so adorable. Adorable Charlie.
This was my weekend - how was yours?


16 April 2009

Give Away ends Saturday!! Get your entry in now!! :) oxoxoxxx

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I made a couple clutches..they will be in my shop soon!


15 April 2009


Hey everyone. Sorry I've not posted a tonne this last week or so. Been really busy preparing for surgery. I've been eating last meals..and now I'm on the two week pre-op diet to shrink that liver of mine. This is leading up to "my story" at some point huh? Promise promise, soon enough. Anyway..

Remember I cut my hair? Well it is very awesome. Loving how thick and dark my hair is..the only thing I want more length - celebrity length.

So I just ordered some wavy 100% human hair wefts. I have bought them before here and love how they look. They have micro clips - so no gluing..just clip in and out when you want. Now..I've only ever had 4 or 5 straight wefts and 1 wavy..but this time around it will be a full head of wavy 2 jet black and 1 beach blonde. It will come to about 6 or 7 pieces.

This is a pic of me from Rockin' Ribs 2007 in Springfield, Missouri. See how thick and long and rockin' my hair is..that is what I'm hoping to achieve..only..thicker. Woo!

Can't wait for those puppies to get here..with my thick choppy top that I cut, I'm bound to look aaaamazing!!


11 April 2009

Happy Easter!!

I believe with all my heart that Easter is a celebration of Jesus Christ rising from the dead. Specifially, because he was crucified for my sin, and the sin of everyone. And that he did this, so that I can live eternally, and never have seperation from Him and all his glory and what he's created for me. I believe that this is Salvation and this eternity is available to me if I accept that I'm a sinner and that Christ paid my debt, and I need him in my life. I believe this and I've accepted. Today I celebrate that life he gave for me and to me.


10 April 2009

Give away!! Give way for the give away!! Woo!

Hey everyone, hope you had a good week!!
I will be giving away(from my shop):

1 Trops Lips Lip Balm
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1 Cuuuute piece of art..
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PS.Do not mention the give away in your comment - it's ok if you have (my fav Jillianpoo)..I wanna surprise him with a bunch of comments. ;)

In other news..

I dyed my hair black and REALLY wanted a I decided to cut it in the style of Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl where it's layered and brushed forward. This is the before..

This is after.

There are still a few little fly aways that will pop up to trim and in a week it will look more worn. I'm excited, I can use product again. Woo! Bad note: I did accidentally shove the scissors up my nose (sharp hair scissors) because I'm a clutz.


This was my inspiration:


8 April 2009

Annie Get Your Gun

It was windy yesterday!!

I did a photoshoot with Daniel Leigh, New Device (and my handsome close friend)

I love this one..

I LOVE his muscles, I always wanna bite them 'ceps!

I love you..
And..he showed me my new life song hehe..
Also..I will be doing a giveaway soon, but right now, try to get your hands on some goodies!!


4 April 2009


Lazy Saturdays, this is me and Charlie after a bunch of walking and meeting people and dogs at the Garden Show in P-Town.

Rise and shine we have work to do!

Here are some layouts I did in my 8x8 scrap book last week.

I painted this..

And studied this style of drawing..

I obv don't understand..water color least not the ones I have..

This is my art journal

First attempt at this style..

I have minimal shelfage..

I made this slide too..

Today I gave Charlie a faux hawk, but after discovering how soft his fur is short..I shaved it off.

So far so good.

What would you like me to blog on, any suggestions?
I'll have plenty of photos to share next week, Daniel is coming up and I think I may do a photoshoot.

Love love LV today