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31 July 2009

Get your hands on a bike from The Lovely List!


Some KC ETSY love!

I wanted to give one of my etsy teams some much needed love and attention, as I've been pretty absent (due to health) but am totally excited for this year!! Here are some of my favourites from our group, if you're in the KC Etsy Team always make sure to tag your items "KCETSY**" it makes it really easy to find you. **Please note: the team tag is actually KCETSYTEAM these days, so update your tags and if you're adding more items just remember to use the new tag. :)

My Coffee Cup Sleeve Mini Book Kit

I actually want this for my home someday!
Vintage Sewing Drawer in Teal,

Love in the Air Tin,

I'm in love with this print.
Parade Print, MultiplePersonality

Retro Hair Bobbies,

J'adore this print! This would look great in a little boy's room/nursery!!
Jonah Print,

Eco Friendly Girl,

Pink sugar Olive Par - Vegan,

*These are just a FEW of the great find I found when searching KCETSY. There are many many many GREAT finds out there.
Today is FRIDAY! and that is my absolute favourite day and night. I feel so inspired and relaxed. Some things to look for from me coming soon:

- BLOG GIVEAWAY with KC ETSY (keep your eye on this blog :))
- A series of beautiful paintings, all sorts of styles
- Possibly, an Audrey Hepburn painting
- More photos.
Blog Love!


28 July 2009

A new leaf has turned

As I mentioned before - I am in love with mini books. I started scrapbooking with a 12x12 book then went down to an 8x8 and minis. I love minis because you can give them as a gift or put them around the house and they are just oh so beautiful.
This one will be a gift most likely. It's a coffee sleeve mini with quotes from famous people about coffee! Yummy.
"I am selling kits to make these very mini books in my shop next week, keep an eye out! Love."

Since working out and interviewing for jobs I've felt so refreshed. I'm ready to take on the world. Which is huge improvement to this time last year. Then I was afraid of going out, of riding in cars and of life basically, every ache and pain worried me because of my car accident (it was bad, after my settlement I'll share pictures). I'm still afraid to drive, but I'll over come that some day!
And my first entry.
I love Casting Crowns. They have songs I love to sing along with.
Tomorrow I am going to take lots of pictures!



Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed the guest post from Kimi Tom, soon we will be having Lacy guest post as well! :)

Rachel Denbow has a new home at putting Bling On My Sewing Machine at rest and welcoming the new Smile and Wave. She is also running a contest that everyone should enter!

Today I am loving:

Wonderlandia Painting

Beautiful summer

Double Trouble Design's Paper Collage Owl
I know it's short and sweet today. I have an interview at the Alconbury RAF's Child Development Centre for a Care Worker position. I hope I get it. But for now, eat lunch gym then on to the interview! Have a wonderful inspiring day!


26 July 2009

happy sunday!!

hello, i am kimi starr. i am very excited to have been asked to guest blog for Annie! i love her to death and have not even met the girl. i can not wait until she moves to the states so i can finally meet her in person!! she is totally inspiring and creative!

i am going to talk a little about my photography and my etsy shop.

my parents first bought me a digital camera for christmas 2002. i had just moved to colorado and digital cameras were just becoming popular. i started with taking pictures of my dog lucy...then i got a job working with a photography company doing school and sports photography. i was just a assistant, but got to work hands on with the kids and setting up and taking down of the studio equipment. i was excited to get up at 3 am some days to drive to some of the most beautiful areas of colorado. i did not have a lot of experience and most of the time did not take photographs of my favorite places. (boy have i learned my lesson).

after i moved back to las vegas, nv i started taking pictures of friends and family for a little extra cash. i just had a little point and shoot camera, but enjoyed every minute.

in the may 2004, i went to mammoth, ca and that started my love for nature and scenic photography. i got a lot of positive response to my photography and started to do it a little more. in the fall i had the opportunity to take photos for a music magazine in vegas. this lead to meeting bands and putting 2 loves together. photography and music. unfortunately, this opportunity did not take off, but it did open doors to a different type of photography. here are a few of my band photographs.
this is a good friend's boyfriends band. they are no longer together, but one of my photographs is still on their page. Check them out: By Deaths Design.

here are some images from when i first starting shooting

since then, i have started using photoshop to edit my pictures and stopped over processing them.

in april of this year, i had the opportunity to participate in a craft show. this was my first craft show and my first time showing my work matted and ready to sell to the public. i got a lot of great feedback, but it was a lot of work.

my word of advice to starting up photographers is...take lots of pictures. take them everywhere you go, play with angles, play with textures. some of my favorite images are ones that were taken on a whim. take pictures of stuff you love! you won't be able to please everyone with some photographs, but they might just like one. do it to make you happy and not anyone else.

also, promote! with popular websites out today that allow for networking, it is much easier than it was 7 years ago. my photography myspace has over 400 friends, but i am never on there. i leave it up there, just in case i want to hit the myspace crowd. today, i mostly use these ways to promote:
Simple Curiosities of Kimi Starr
my Twitter

and lastly, before my battery dies...:) some pictures from my trip to montana

thanks for stopping by and add me to the things above and say hi! :)

again! thanks annie for letting me guest blog!

xoxo kimi starr


25 July 2009

Guest Blogger Tomorrow

Hello my friends, tomorrow I will be having a guest blogger share with us a few things. We got to know eachother through blogging and since she's been a big inspiration and a great crafty friend.

She has her own shop on etsy: Lucky Star Creations
And a beautiful blog: Simple Curiosities
Say hello to Kimi Star!


23 July 2009

-Um hello? Is this thing on?

Cuteness to the max..
Handmade teddies! Can you imagine your child having a completely unique and beautiful toy like this? What about that guest room? I think it makes a classy addition. Found here.
This Summer Fun Mini Book. How fun is that? By Rhonda
(I think everyone should make a mini book at some point in their life! They are soooo cool. I will be selling Starbuck's Mini Book Kits in my shop soon. I made mine into a mini book with famous coffee quotes. It will be a gift someday for someone!!)

How awesome are these finds!? I am actually excited (because of Pony Party) to move (someday..soon?) and get rid of old junk and breathe in some vintage love. In my room, my kitched and bathroom. I can't wait for that new home breath of fresh air!

Anyway. In addition to cuteness:

I've lost a lot more weight, this photo is a before and after of my 3 week holiday, how cool is that? I'm very excited and happy about it, because I feel so much better and I can exercise easier. And I love going to the gym!

Something else I love: The Lord. I can't tell you how awesome it feels to love God and let him take you in his arms and care for you. I've never felt sooooo good. I'm not perfect either..just so you know..I could probably use reading my Bible everyday - but I'm working on it. I always remember:

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness. And all these things shall be added unto you."

So..I've been seeking Him first :)


21 July 2009


If you haven't been to this blog - you
visit it now!! I am absolutely in love with it and the tutorial on tp roll mini albums is amazing, have a look and youtube her too. I'm so glad I cam across Scrapbook Crazy About mini Albums!

This website inspired me sooo much. Make sure you check it out, you will be inspired too. :)


What now??

Hey. I need some suggestions!! What would you like to see in my shop. I am out of supplies for balms, however, I have plenty of fabric, paint and paper. Get thinking and let me know what you come up with!

from: Ten Fold Organic


She Who Eats

I miss this guy.


19 July 2009

Dreams can come true

I would love to live here (Blueblock Lofts - Pet Friendly!!)

With this little guy (my Charlie, Patterdale Daschund) he's so small!!

And this couch!

With a job typing things up on this..

A girl can dream right?
The thing is..why dream? Do it! The loft costs $575/mo plus $200 non refunable pet deposit. I can do this right? I mean, that's what? 1 cheque, 1/2 of one even. If I worked a good job or even a crappy one - just faithfully. Plus things I do to earn extra income, or money I plan on saving this year. This is very do-able. Especially in Springfield.
The other things - I can survive with what I have or can buy at the thrift store. Who says you can't make a super sweet couch cover? Or even a quilt! (You can buy kits/get info HERE)
I'm excited. All I want to do is work, and trust God right now. I would mind having a significant other..but..I'm patient.
ps. for some reason I wanna move to NYC, but I wait for that after I've had a good job, saved money so maybe a few years down the rd when I'm out of debt.


16 July 2009


Weight: 112.7
Exercise: Yoga
I'm going to do my yoga - it always helps me to feel open and rejuvinated!!


15 July 2009


Weight: 112.8 kg
Exercise: Shopping!
Not many people think shopping is an exercise but when you go to your mall, have you ever notice how some have mile markers?! It's for those mall walkers! I did some today. I didn't buy but ooooh it was so encouraging to see shirts and things that Yes me. ME in a normal shop! Well it was Primark, they cater for quite a few people, even so..yay!! Walked loads.
I felt the burn from the bands yesterday. Tomorrow who knows..we will see!!


14 July 2009


Weight: 112.8 kg
Exercise: Resistance Bands
Bands I can't resist..


13 July 2009


Weight: 113 kg
Exercise: Aerobics
Today I took Charlie for our morning walk and upon my return, put some soup on and put the headphones in. I love listening to music and working out, it puts me in some daze really. Lots of jogging, dancing, stepping etc. I did a lil ab workout too as - if anyone's ever tried a full hour of aerobics is killer and I wanted to burn some fat and tone whilst my heart rate was up.
It was very refreshing, I sweat it out then I had some soup. Some day I wanna make a vid like this..old school..with my friend Laura. It'll be fun fun fun!!
Tomorrow..probably yoga or something a lil lighter. I wanna do the hardcore exercising every other day. So I don't pull anything. Maybe tomorrow I should do some resistance work. We'll see.
Love love.


12 July 2009

Follow me this week!!

I love to try on glasses and take pics in them. Walmart is GREAT for this!
Follow me this week!
Join me in seeing how consistancy and the power of nature can change your body in one week. This week every day I will be posting my weight on Twitter and Facebook along with the 1 hour exercise for the day (all different sorts and these do not include my daily walk). And we'll see how each day my body tones, burns fat and I get lighter.
I got the eating thing down as you all know I had gastric bypass and I pretty much have no choice in the amount anymore (byt he way it's going great). This will be interesting to see how things go. I will try to update every day.
If you have any suggestions for home exercising I can do let me know. I'm looking for fun things!! So far in my mind I have Pilates, Yoga and Kick Boxing. But more gentle ones for inbetween those are good gardening - that burns calories too.


10 July 2009

After a long needed holiday..I'm back

I did lots of this..
..loved every moment with him..
And them of course!!

Attention all Springfield, MO readers!!
I am looking for a place to live..I love lofts..
But I can settle for cheaper too!!
Basically I need somewhere that is pet friendly. Ideally downtown or on Commercial Street. I know "good luck with pets!" I have a 16 lbs Patterdale/Daschund Terrier. There is no way I am leaving him behind. I would even settle for a studio apartment if it were walking distance to downtown. I only say this, downtown trend, because I'm an artist and I want to meet people out in town and invite them to view my art in my home (where ever that ends up being). So..a good priced loft (the one above is $629) for rent (a month) and pet friendly (wasn't sure about that loft) would be ideal. As I said a studio apartment could be too.
Wanna help? Give me some ideas! Thanks!! xx