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27 March 2010

An eye out for these!

I can't wait to go flea marketing with Megan and start to collect some dishware again!

Love these pink glasses!

You can find beauties like these in charity shops too..

I want to mix and match!

Dream set will end up looking like this, mmm all the casseroles and pastas I make will looke lovely in these..

..and these!

Mmm a hot cuppa tea in these mugs is sure to brighten your day

And a classic set!

Had these plates when I was little <3

(click on pics for sources)

Any one have any favourites?


25 March 2010

Baby I'm Coming Home

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been working a lot and I'm pretty sure I have shingles.

Moving on..

Since I will be moving next will be time for this in the coming year..

HOME DECOR! I love love love the use of blue and brown. I think all these colours really pull together.

Elegant it! I love mixing the old with the new, vintage with elegant..

My first couch in my own apartment..was like this one! Only orange. I love this room, I would be reading or having tea with someone in it constantly!


I love all the knick knacks and the chairs!

Duck egg blue

I'm thinking you cannot go wrong as long as you are clean, concise and allow yourself to be creative.

Does anyone have a fav home decor tip you can give me?



10 March 2010

There is only one way

"Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."
(John 14:6)

This is what I believe. I do not believe that there is any other way to God. I do not believe that if you think being loving in life and you call God "love" and all you have to do is stay on some path of love is true. It might be what you believe - but what I'm saying is I will never say to you "If that is what you believe that is your path to finding God/Heaven." Because for me to say that would be a lie, and to deny my faith, the very core of who I am. I understand some people do not believe what I do, that is their choice. But I believe that we are all sinners, and God sent his son, Jesus Christ to pay for that sin (even before we ever commit it) on the cross and that if you repent of your sin and accept Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour that you will be filled with the Holy Spirit (which can never be taken from you - he doesn't just move out ;) ) and when you die you will enter into Heaven's gates and spend an eternity with God and Christ. To have a relationship with God that can not be seperated by sin, the world or space or time. To have an eternity with him and those who chose him as well. That's what I believe. And I can will say it here!! Or anywhere, but definitely here on my website and profile!!

Obviously I am a YouTube-er! :) So I stumble across things that make me laugh, cry and puke(millions of tiny baby spiders on it's Momma's back and when she moves all these tiny spiders shift around on her!). BUT this makes me a bit weary. A woman who has this amazing gift to speak to people and they listen is saying - God doesn't exist "for everyone" but for those who believe. If you believe God is love then you believe in love and you are right and the person who believes in God is right. I am not going off of things that people have said about Oprah - I'm going off of things that I've seen Oprah say with her own mouth. There is no consistancy - one segment she says that God is different for each person then she says "God is. God is a feeling..not a belief and if you think God is something to believe in that isn't it - it's God, a feeling."

Whether you believe in God or not - this kind of "non belief system" is DANGEROUS. For one - it takes away any conviction what so ever, without conviction - there is no remorse, there is no guilt, there is nothing to say what is right or wrong. What you feel will be right. If I feel it is okay to molest a small child then that is what I feel - what you feel may be different and that is okay - but this is what I feel is okay and I am right in doing that.(Oh btw that is NOT what I feel haha, but you get what I'm saying..) What about the person who raped and murdered a little boy or girl, they sit on trial and say "It's what I believe, I believe it's okay to do" if what you believe is true to you is right, then what's to stop a judge from saying "according to what this man says he is not wrong." Those of you who profess Christ as your Saviour - now would be a great time to stand up and say what you believe and not be afraid, if God is with us, who can be against us?

I have many many friends who do not believe what I do. But they all know what I believe and it's clear to them why I believe it, and I've never forced my beliefs on them(oh and this is not force, seeing as you are reading this by choice and it's my website and profile). I think that's important, but what I want to do now - is expand. I would like to expand this realisation to people who perhaps don't know me well or not at all. I want to be someone who there is not a shadow of a doubt that Christ is my Saviour and there is something different about me - to all people. I want it to be obvious and I want to do that in such a loving way that God's love penetrates every aspect of my life and effects everyone around me. Even if that means I'm a goober or the "the God lady" (as one kid from my town used to call me) or a goody-two-shoes. I'm cool with that.

Anyway! Feel free to comment and say what you want - but you know my response already.

One more thing, logically speaking. If you don't believe what I do, would you think my faith was very firm or strong if I said "it's just one way" or "it's right for me but not for you"..what kind of weak faith cannot save the ones you love but only yourself - if I didn't believe in God, I would have a lot more respect for someone who did fully than someone who did halfway, or weakly.

There is only ONE TRUTH.


9 March 2010

Some things I tend to forget

Nothing else matters so much as obeying God and living for Him.

God will always take care of you.

He never gives you anything you can't handle - as long as you call on Him and not of yourself.

He won't give you temptation that you can't overcome - he gives you that choice, that second chance - that moment in which he allows you to think "I have a choice right now".

He blesses you when you bless him.

There is a purpose for absolutely everything - but sometimes I forget - HE'S GOD and so great that my little human mind may not be able to comprehend the reasons He's taken my life in the direction he has, maybe someday when I am the inhabitant of a heavenly body that will be different.

He's always listening and desires to speak to me often.

My body is a temple for the Holy Spirit, when I think about where I live, I like to clean up and redecorate so that I have a sweet pad, so I should probably do the same for the Holy Spirit, even down to keeping fit so I can do whatever he wants me to, without complaining or struggling so much.

When you're singing at church, use your best voice of course and praise with other people, but sing loud and proud and sing the words to the Lord, not anyone else. So you sing loud, or maybe a little off key or just in your unique way..your voice of praise is like an angel singing to will always bring a smile to His face.

If the morning is hard - try asking God to help you, try to smile and say "The Lord is my strength"..and going with it.

We ALL make mistakes, that is what makes us human. We are creatures of desire and lust and a sinful nature. We are going to fail. God knows. He knows everything, so deal with your sin often and accept the mercy God has given us and ask for grace to overcome the sin.

Music is a powerful tool. I've always been taught to know the artist and whether you want to commit to accept their lifestyle and what they stand for. I was taught that way, sometimes I like a good tune though haha. Even so, I forget sometimes, that what I'm putting in my head directly effects me. I find when I listen to mild rock or classic rock and Christian music, that I feel better, that I find myself singing songs of praise in my head and out of my mouth.

Sleep is beneficial, food is required and there is nothing wrong with putting effort into how you look if you have the inside sorted out.

Okay well, I'm sick. (But I know God is caring for me!!)
So I should finish my tea and get some sufficient shut eye!

Feel free to leave your thoughts thoughts!


6 March 2010

TGIF! We got ourselves a Wreath Tutorial!


1 March 2010


Just a quickie.

I'm excited about this..

at abeautifulmess Miss Elsie's blog.

Love this color, I challenge you to paint your nails this week. I can't becuase of work, but I paint them on Friday - Sunday. This lovely hand belog's to Leigh-Ann

I've been doing P90X for a week and a half. And I LOVE it. Already see results! Feel so much better! Bring it!

My favourite part of work is my lunch break in which I enjoy a lovely bento lunch I've made in my lovely bento box. Mine is a two teared pink one, this box is from this blog.

Love love