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16 April 2011

Anne 101

Hey! Hope your week was good. And may your weekend be filled with many smiles, coffee, craft, music and um..whatever makes you happy!!

I was thinking today, what to blog about. Although I have (several) hundred ideas, I'm thinking it's high time I introduce myself. I'm Anne Esquibel. Also known as Six Gun Annie and any other shortened, lengthened, crazy names and nicknames that have been invented since I was a child.

I'm 25. Already. I's crazy. For the longest time you're too young, then you're OK. Then at some point you realise you have nearly a full head of grey hair(that's me!). I live in Springfield, MO with my dog Charles Dickens. Tomorrow we are going to visit a local animal shelter to find Charlie a friend. I'll try to take some photos to help introduce his furry friends to you and help promote four-legged friend adoption.

I'm a Christian. That's my life. And although I don't prefer to use that term, because of some things it's become these days..I figure I'll change the meaning. The only meaning I know it be is to believe Jesus Christ died for your sins, he rose from the grave and he's your Saviour. So, I'll go with that one. I realise not everyone believes in Jesus Christ as their Saviour, let alone a one and only God and I have a lot of friends that agree with me, and many who don't. You have every right to believe what you do..but it's important you know that about me, because it's my core.

I do a lot each week!! I work for a bank in an inbound call-center. We won't talk much about that though. But, it helps to know that, because I work 40hrs a week just at that job. It gives me plenty of time to dream and plan! Aside from my job at the bank..I go to church Sunday Morning and Sunday Night at Cherry Street Baptist Church, visit people from all walk on G.R.O.W. every Monday night, Tuesdays I get a break(and a blog hopefully..) Wednesdays I go to church and Thursday's are another night off. Fridays are my favourite. I go to an Addictions Abstinence program called Reformer's Anonymous. Afterwards I try to find something fun to do. A lot of times on Friday and Saturday nights you'll see me snapping some photographs at a music venue. And Sunday it starts all over!!

I am a photographer, musician and artist. So I try to fit one of those practices in once a week. Right now I am looking forward to recording some of my music, so keep a definite eye out, and I will inform you. I haven't been able to get many canvas' in, but as the sun stays out later I tend to get more creative(and more energy). I squeeze in photoshoots with friends, models, families, events and bands as much as I can.

Aside from those things I enjoy reading, watching movies, cuddling and walking my dog and sleeping. Of course I love everyday occurrences and tid bits like Mt Dew, coffee, smoothies, cooking, sushi and smiling.

I'm looking to do something great with my life, I hope to share it with you so ask questions..until the next 101..


9 April 2011

Welcome for.. I know, I know! It's been so long. Well I have internet in my apartment..kind of. So let's all thank my neighbor for anonymously letting me connect. Now what was this blog created for? Creativity? You know from the past that is exactly what you will get. I'm not going to make promises or anything, I'm just going to post as much as I can here and there. Welcome to my morning by the way..and this morning I read: John 15:5 I am the vine and ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing. Yep, it's a short one. But hey, I lived maaaaany years not abiding in Christ, and I found it to be true, I can nothing. It's only when I'm living and walking in the Spirit in obedience that I even truelly experience joy, love and life. Nothing is perfect or easy, it's just not a struggle anymore. Coming up..a quick view at some live music I've been shooting..stay tuned..