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27 February 2009


Given to me by Mandy Natalini.

I recently have fallen victim to a Random Act of Kindness by Mandy Natalini, when she told me about her daughter and her friend's site It's a really good idea and many people can benefit from it.

One way to be a part of Random Acts of Kindness is when people show you random act of kindness is to pay it forward, this means to perform a random act of kindness on someone else. The site explains it, it can be anything from opening a door, helping someone you see in a struggle (taking trash out? I once took 8 bags/4 trips across a street by myself - all whilst two young men perfectly capable of helping - watching me!) or helping some reach for an item in a store..letting the person with one or two items go in front of you. Etc.


26 February 2009



25 February 2009

Starbucks Cap'n Crunch Frap

That Cap'n Crunch Berry Frap is sooooo popular, the girl here (in England) even knew about it and made me one, and yes it taste just like the cereal, my Mum really enjoyed it.

I made the first of many headbands today, a sweet flower.

Anyways. Many many delicious things in this first class, a delicious frap, gourmet sandwich/burger, sushi and sorbet. Mmm that's like a whole day's worth of food learnin' - in style, coming soon!!



24 February 2009

Juliet you know you want it!

This is basically how it is going to be. I have a few touch ups to do - some sponging on the garage building and some more sky detail to do, maybe her heair a bit. But I'm really pleased, they seem more together now.

What do you think?


23 February 2009

This is pretty much how my day went..

It was rough. But Anne willing - Lord helping it'll get better!!


22 February 2009

Appreciation for all things cute!

Check these little guys out HERE at their temporary home from (Red Velvet Art dot com)

Pandas, sushi and bubble tea - sounds like a great weekend. And in smiley packaging too.

Hope you all are having a great weekend. As promised there is a lot coming up..and this lil pup is giving me inspiration to work harder so I play longer!



21 February 2009

Doggy love

Meet Charlie Son

I like giving him kisses..

But he always licks them away!!

Hope you're having a good weekend!!


20 February 2009

My baby boy

I am the proud owner of a Patterdale Terrier Crossbreed, I think he may be crossed with a daschund because his fur on his back is a lil longer and wavy like my friends daschund. His name is Charlie.

This is not him - but he looks a lot like this. I will be putting up pics soon, he was pretty worn out today..

He is a rescued dog, he had been rehomed twice. I have no idea why!! He's very sweet. Well tempered, goes potty outside. He knows sit. But I only just got him a few hours ago. Hehe. He follows me everywhere. And cuddles a lot. I love it!


19 February 2009

These things excite me

These things deifinitely give me tonnes of inspiration and I want to show them to you and where you can get them!!

Owl - by ThoughtsThatStick

Sweet "Thinking of You" card by RachelRosing

Awesome Tree Vinyl Decal by LeenTheGraphicsQueen

Tree Stump Cushion by FeltLikeIt

Tree Note Card by OuOu
Obviously I searched trees, all sorts and I've loved what I found. Check these artists out..they are all on Etsy, which a lot of you are as well. Etsy is a great handmade sellers community, get involved as much as you can.
Going from that I just said, my shop Six Gun Annie will be having a lot of new stuff on the horizon. I'm looking at a new line of lip balms made from Organic Beeswax called "My Cool Friends" there will be four flavors, two girls - Emma, Laura and two for guys - Daniel, Doug. I will also be working on some accesories for your hair and jewelry!! <3>
Oooh exciting!
Thank you so much for reading guys. All your comments and opinions I really take to heart and it makes my day, really! And if you knew me personally like Jillian and Leigh-Ann you will know just how much that touches me, someday I will tell you my story.
Love love
Six Gun



Okay so this is what the painting is looking like now. The buyer is excited..I'm not sure where to go from here. I have thought about leaving it, or making some vines and flowers on the right side wrapping around the black building and around her hip. Like they are together and their worlds are starting to come together too.

What do you think? Should I keep going..any ideas? The buyer already said it's better than he was expecting. Let me know your opinions!



17 February 2009

Catch up with me!!

Us 4 years ago!

Now that I've caught my breath from the weekend and I don't have pain - I'm going to take advantage of it! Some people are asking what I did..there you go! (said in the very same manner as Costa Porticolus from 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding')

Daniel arrived on Valentine's Day at about 2pm. And YES I did get everything done I needed to. I had started roasting the veggies just before he arrived and he was there just in time for the pasta making.

I used chopped: onions, red sweet pepper, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, courjette(zuccini), crushed/diced/whole garlic some delicious EVOO and rock salt and pepper, oven roasted on high until all the juices come out and the veggies are all soft and crispy on edges.

Then I used my pasta machine to make and cut the dough I made: eggs, flour and italian herbs.

I layered it on a plate with some fresh parmesian cheese and diced sundried tomatoes (in oil). Daniel said it was the most amazing pasta he has ever had..

I also made these little treats. Elegant (and sorry men, incredibly girly) Rose Cupcakes. I made the roses all different sizes and it looked like a bouquet!

I gave him his gifts, yummy truffles I made. 1/2 are Bailey's Irish Cream Truffles, and the other half are Orange Liquer Truffles. He also fell in love with those too, hehe, look out for the review he's going to do soon. Also..these recipes will be in my cookbook. :)

Him enjoying my gifts. This is the gift I kept secret I wanted so hard to spoil and tell you before I gave it to him. Now he has it..check out the book..right.. "All that men know about women.." look.

It's funny and true! Hehe. He said he was going to fill it with what he knows about women. Which is a lot. ;)
Later we went to a banquet at my church (which I've been reading is the thing to do and a lot of churches are doing it) for dinner and a movie, the movie was FIREPROOF. It's made by the same people that brought you FACING THE GIANTS and it's just as emotional and effective. Daniel really enjoyed it. I did too. We are a bit of movie buff ourselves and to watch something with other people (instead of just me and him in my parents room - American DVD player location) or in my living room) and it was major fun.
Went back home after and watched a movie. I felt very dizzy. I was very wobbly and when I moved my head I felt like I was going to pass out. he took me upstairs and put me in bed where he held my hand and stroked my hair until I fell alseep. He also left his number on speed dial on my phone and slept with the doors open for a while so he could hear me.
Sunday came. we went to church. Had a wonderful lunch. Then we watched BIG in my parents room. Just I was starting to take my Sunday nap..he woke me to inform me it was time for church. It was what our church calls F.I.T. night so a lot was going on. Since he's a musician he helped with the childrens choir - which worked out well coz we had moved the piano out of the back room where the kids were and Daniel brought his guitar! All the while I was in my weightloss class with the other women. - haha doing CAN'd be surprised on how that can work your arms! Then we both were in the nursery watch the cutest little boy ever.
Went home watched some more movies and I got a baaaad headache, he contemplated taking me to ER but instead I settled for a cold cloth on the head and Bridget Jones 2 in my room where he sat as I fell alseep.
Loooong I know..but he did stay the whole weekend. He gave me a book "Think and Grow Rich" which he's been reading and me being a business owner - will be very useful, I can't wait to read it. And a very sweet card, BETTER THAN MY was one of those fancy "this is how I feel about you" cards in which he wrote in very nice handwriting how he feels about me.
A great weekend..much creativity on the horizon..

Us now <3
(only in a year I'll look more healthy and thin, as I'm getting gastric bypass surgery done very soon)

Hope you enjoyed my shanannigans!


16 February 2009

Woe to the weekend..

..I had a great one! Minus some headaches and dizziness. I want to tell you all about it, when I get a couple pictures back from the Valentine's Day.

But I will tell you this..I have the most amazing relationship with the most amazing person I've ever came across, minus my Dad and my brothers. I know I've written about him before..but. this weekend just really went to show how close and real someone can be. How they can be a genuine friend, caretaker and tough person too! (making me go to the dr. and being firm with NHS!!)

Get this. Vday night I got super dizzy, I don't even remember much. But my Daniel took me to bed, put me in it, put his number on the speed dial so I just have to press one button to call him(even though he's in the next room) and in my jibberish sat by my bedside stroking my hair until I fell asleep. He told me he listened for a while whilst my door was open and his too. And the next night I had an aweful headache (I have some problems from a car accident a 8mo ago) and he wanted to take me to ER, but I want to tough it out. So he stayed with me, watching Bridget Jones 2 as I fell asleep and he took my glasses off as I drifted.

I will tell you more and show you pictures soon!

How was your weekend?

PS. I added a new blog to my links on the right. The lovely Tovetyll.


13 February 2009


I love Fridays!!
I love staying up late on Friday nights.
I love them more than Saturdays.
They make me feel very special. <3
Found here: Super*Junk on Flickr.

I heart this girl! She makes little dollies and she had all this vintage stuff in her house etc. She has a great clean style, be sure to check her out. She reminds me of Elsie Flannigan..only a little different you know?

If ya'll have blogs, make a lil cute ad and I'll put it in my favourites. I think they look cute hehe, plus they are helpful to the people I'm posting them up for I'm sure.

Friday night plans?


12 February 2009

THURSDAY(calling all etsy shop owners)

I booked a showcase on Etsy for the day after Valentine's Day!! It's a Bath and Beauty one, so all my yummy lip balms etc will be in it. 12am Saturday night - for 12 hours.

I love these: by CozyMoments

I saw this on Rachel's blog. It is soooooo cute. I really want to do this for the next Holiday!!

Made by:

For Valentine's I have planned, Daniel is coming up, I'm making some roasted veggies and pasta - I'm MAKING the pasta too (like the tutorial I put on here) and having Vday cupcakes for dessert, then later we are going to a Vday Banquet for dinner and a movie. And then I made him chocolate truffles!! :)
There is always a lot of hungs and kisses in between and lovely cards, gifts and just love.
What do you have planned?


11 February 2009


The other day a guy I went to school with here in England, looked at my art and decided he wanted to purchase a piece. The piece he wanted was already sold. But for the last week I was feeling inspiration to paint a similar piece!! It's like it was meant to be for him. So he is going to pay me some big bucks for this painting. Here is the start..hope it ends well!!

I love painting, does anyone else paint?



10 February 2009


The time has come to add a few new products to my etsy shop, which will be added tomorrow!!

Trops. Trops are my new line of lip balm (while supplies last) of Tropical flavor! These sweet balms won't come with an ugly label with ingredients on them, they come with a seperate card, here you will have the cutest lip balm in town, and people will know the name - not what's inside. Besides..I think you should know this about me, I'm a bit of a hippie when it comes to my body - only the finest natural ingredients! Check the shop tomorrow for this beauty.

Also available, another feltie to add to the growing family, this is Pinky. She is safe for small children and a great little gem for the house or any room. Hand wash only, sweet dreams!!

You may have noticed on the right side I have a couple ads if you wanna ad them in your widgets on your blogs too. If you have an ad, I will be glad to ad it to mine in exchange.

This is what I want you to think about today, when you create and paint:

"Art is unquestionably one of the purest and highest elements in human happiness. It trains the mind through the eye, and the eye through the mind. As the sun colors flowers, so does art color life." - John Lubbock

Does anyone else have some awesome quotes they love? (I have a few this is just my art one hehe)

ps. New Art Club, coming soon. ;)


9 February 2009


I want to make it a great habit to blog everyday productively. If you read my blog you know I blog a lot and about everything. I want to keep up with inspiration this week, diferent themes and also a product release in my shop this week! (So keep checking!)

Today. You guessed it. PINK.


These GO GREEN sleeves are a great way to save the environment and also look super cute doing it. Especially if you do drink alot of coffees or hot drinks when you are out and about. This gem fits in your purse and it will drive your friend wild - they will all want one! You can find them at PinkGasoline on etsy.

Looks delicious, pink cupcake! Yummy! With Valentine's day coming up I just want to dive into's soap! Another great Valentine's gift. Or a gift for anytime. They make great party favors, and a beautiful accessory for your bathroom. I have my own bathroom, so I get to decorate it however I want - this is definitely a great idea for a bathroom. Big fluffy towels, candles and soaps all different flavours and looks. Wash up at CozyMoments on etsy.

Pink apartment! I would have though a pink apartment would look a little or annoying. ;) BUT - it's not. I find this apartment to be a refreshing look, with a vintage feel. It even has some class. I love the yellow chairs! Nice contrast.

I hope this post has been inspiring for you. I know it was for me making it. I love the look of pink and green. In fact, painting may be on the horizon.
I have a couple items coming out this week in my shop and they are pink!!
I think pink gets a lot of flack as being too girly or something. I think pink in the right proportions is beautiful.
What do you think of pink? Pink nails? Pink eye shadow, hair, jewelry. I'm not a huuuuge die hard fan favourite color is green but I seem to have a whole pink wardrobe and I believe it's because it's my signature color. What is yours?


8 February 2009

A very personal and important note from me to everyone..

The message is about Drunk Driving. Everyone knows it is wrong and it is dangerous..but..does everyone know what it is?

Drunk Driving is driving on more than 1 and a 1/2 beers. I know I know. That seems low..but in reality when people drink, others buy drink for them and not every drink is accounted for. This often results in people miscounting. Some bars and clubs have breathelizers. Use one!!

I say this becaise it is against the law and many people do it. People drive drunk all the time..a lot of them make it home just fine. Think back..have you? Even innocently "Well I'm the most sober, I'll drive." or "I don't want to leave my car here." or "I know I can make it home. And you may, you might make it home just fine.

You might also get pulled over and spend the night in the drunk tank and be required to do community service whilst losing your lisence and going to driving school.

You might not make it home. If driving you may have an accident, skid off a road or bridge and injure or kill yourself.

Or you may kill someone else. People who don't know you, did nothing to deserve what you did to them and you will have to live with it for the rest of your life, it's sure to haunt you. And to haunt those family members who lost their mother or father, or sibling or child. my personal experience you may hurt someone. Some 20 yr old, way over the limit ran a red light and hit me. I've had a lot of pain since. It was a serious accident that totalled my car and left me with permanent injuries. This kid doesn't even know me. There is no way he will ever be able to take back what he did and I live the rest of my life with this.

Be smart, always have a sober driver, realistically only one beer is your safe bet, followed by water and peeing. Walking home or getting a taxi is always the better choice than driving.

Don't put yourself or others at risk. oxox (more cute stuff Monday yo)


6 February 2009

So cute..and sooooo resourceful!

Hello cute clothes. Check out this girls SHOP. I really love when people repurpose items they already have or give something old a new adventure in it's life. Just look at cuteness.

My favourite..


5 February 2009

Amazing things on the horizon!

FIRST OFF - if you are new..Welcome :) Thanks for taking the time to check me out yo!

I recently have taken the role of Advertizing and Marketing for and so far (in the last day or two) love working with Leigh-Ann on ways to advertise and promote her shop and blog. Advertising is something I have always been good at and been into. I don't know what it is about promotion that gets those wheels in my head turning but it fills me with a lot of purpose and also gives me a chance to network and work with several people and earn their trust to promote my own store too.

I first started promotion when I was 16! That's right, little me, I was blonde then (fakely) started promoting bands. I was given 3 nights a week at the White Horse (venue) in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England. As my experience grew (as my grades went up in business too!!) so did my network of bands and other promoters and eventually venues. I've booked bands in London, Croydon, Harrow, High Wycombe and many surrounding areas. I managed to get a spot on Total Rock Radio each week to advertise my shows, back then I was Lil Miss Unstable. A lot has changed since.

I still work with bands every now and then (but I really lose myself in music promotion and it takes over me! So I had to take a step back) for friends and family. But now I am building a career and business for myself.

Although everyone is capable of being their own boss, everyone has different gifts. Some people make thousands in telemarketing - if you did wouldn't you be a telemarketer!? Some people are artists and musicians (like my big bro Joey) - and also waitresses and Customer Service Reps (heehee), some people are pastors and youth leaders (like my big brother Mikey), and some are leaders and some are followers. I strongly encourage you whatever age or step in life you are at to find your unique gift and start building on it.

Meet you at the top in 2009!

Thanks for reading and be sure to leave me a comment with your blog or shop that I can put over there on the right..;) oxox

ps. don't be shy :)


Let it snow.

My parents drove me down the streets to see this snowman family! If you are in the area of Great Stukeley come and check them out!! They are just past Alconbury Base towards Alconbury on the left.

Look at the detail ;)



4 February 2009

It's that time of the year again..


(This is just some eye candy..)

..Valentine's Day rapidly approaches.
I need ideas. For a friend. But a close friend. And yes we are mushy. So any ideas are welcome. I've been collecting a few. I am making him dinner - my homemade pasta noodles with roasted veg. Maybe I'll get some Rocky Road(which he likes coz you can't get it here in England - but I can ;)) too. I thought about giving him a blank card and when he goes "Huh?" saying "Well I wanted to tell you this..myself and not on paper." And explaining my love and appreciation to him. Also..I found a great book he is going to love and smile huge about. I will only show you that AFTER INCASE he ever visits this blog (not likely) he would see it.
What are you going to do with your loved ones?