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30 September 2009

A little update

Sweet As Sugar Tea Light
Candles (Set of 5!)

Laura Lips & Mango Madness Duo, these
both are very popular flavors!

Plums! Just kindding :) Set of 3,
Vintage Pyrex Bowls

Laura Lips & Tropical Lips
Duo, nom nom nom!

Posting Ms. Williams some Gluten Free Peanut-butter and Chocolate Chip Cookies..a mouthful..of yumminess!


29 September 2009

These are some of my favourite sweets!


28 September 2009

FIREFLIES VIDEO - OWL CITY This song and band are awesome. Check out the video it has a bunch of old school stuff in it. It's the prefect bedroom to grow up in. Love love love. Reminds me of ET. ;) xx

I can't seem to remember where I left my 2nd chin..hehe!

Me and Laura.


Be sure to check out my lip balm duos..will be making more soon!!


22 September 2009

TO DO(in this order):
1. Put laundry in
2. Tidy room
3. Chop veg for stirfry
4. Design some labels for my shop
5. Take Charlie for walk
6. Put laundry in dryer
7. Package order
8. Make stirfry
9. Relax with a hot cocoa
10. Get a pic n mix bag and watch Julie and Julia
12. Wake up and start all over again .. only with some thrifting!!


21 September 2009

..comin' down on a sunny day

"I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain, comin' down on a sunny day."
Hey everyone, going to be a tiring week! I'm opening at work..0615! Oh dear. But I am going to see Julie and Julia (again) on Tue, and on Wed I have church then Fri Laura is comin' over and we (her, me, Mum) are going to try to find a place in Wells-on-the-Sea to stay for the night, and have a wonderful Sat..oh yeah Charlie will be there too course.
I will be getting off of work at 1415 though so..that's good, I'll have time to work on my shop - which you should all look out's going to be yummy!! <3>
Here are some things I love this week..

Sun Fantasy Landscape

It's Raining
pot holders!

Fall collage..

Love these wall
vinyls! Such a great way to feature art in your home.

This fat quarter is too cute..pandas and apples!


16 September 2009

Me and Charlie took some photos the other day.

We have a new family photo. It's me and him. I tell you, he bring such joy to my heart. The times when I was crying he was kissing my tears away and when I'm happy he loves on me, when I'm too tired or ill to walk him he looks at me like he understands. Match.

Can I get a WHO WHO!! This owl mini dress is the greatest!
More tomorrow night or this weekend. Been a busy week and I'm sooo tired. Thank-you to Lacy for the lovely post!


10 September 2009

Hello Six Gun Annie Lovers!

Hi I'm Lacy!

blog! I love it! I've developed a serious case of blogger brain and take notes and pictures when I am out in the world to blog about later. You just never know when a fun idea will strike!

For example... I took this yesterday with my phone. It's totally blurry but it that doesn't start a conversation I don't know what would, seriously!

I've met amazing people as a result of blogging like Miss Six Gun Annie herself and this girl and this one.

It's amazing the people that you can meet online and thus far I've found that most people are totally sane. LOL really though. It's the coolest to find a fellow creative and fast friend blog hopping.

I flair my nostrils when I am being silly... I just realized it when I saw this picture that my girl friend Rachel too. Now that I've seen it I notice that I do it all the time. It totally cracks me up.

I am inspired by people like this and can get lost on sites like this for hours.

I am almost always covered in cat hair and it doesn't bother me the slightest bit. This is my Ned.

I love yoga.
I believe in the strength of women.
I am inspired by great photos.
I love great linens, red wine and eating pickles and parmesean cheese (no I am not pregnant... yet) : )
I believe in love, crafting and laughing til you have a stomach cramp.
I love movie quotes and getting lost in a great film.

I make
mini albums. They are my little works of art that I send out into the world. No two are ever the same and I feel like there's a little bit of magic in that. I love that people share their lives and stories with me through their photos.

I just got home from taking my little brother to college in Hawaii with my mom and I still can't get over how the the ocean is there. Everything is so vivid and alive with color in Hawaii.

So, that's me. I am a little random, full of love and sincerity and completely passionate. I hope this leaves you smiling! Happy Thursday!

Thanks Miss Six Gun for having me as your guest!

Much love,


8 September 2009

Hey everyone, my photo is featured on
DosFamily's website along with many other family photos. Check them out and I encourage you to get in on this project. It's so fun. Someday when it's not just me..I will do this with my family.

My work donated some onesies for my church's playgroup and there were a few that were just white so I cam going to embroider them and sell them in my shop. How cute AND FUN will that be??

I love love
this cute design.

I am craving this sandwich!! It's eggplant, roasted red pepper and goat's cheese. My family makes food like this. Right now we can't afford goat cheese. HOWEVER!! We CAN afford this..
Good night and hope you are well!


7 September 2009

Self photo

I love it. It is all me, and it makes me love myself and smile and happy! It was taken in my church's play ground. Gotta love those auto timer's..I would do a family photos but it's really just me, no bf or children so..anyway! Love it!
Feeling a little better. Could do with some food in my tummy!!


6 September 2009

Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass

(follow links for photo creds)


4 September 2009

Flickr fun

These clipboards are becoming a very popular form of inspiration and projects and even framing. I love the idea. I have a very plain bedroom and think that even just a few clipboards would make the room more lively and inspiring. I have a very demanding job right now and anything I make will be made from my bed (during the week) so having my inspiration in front of me will help so much. This photo and idea came from
Rachel Denbow of Smile and Wave.

I adore
this garland! I want to make two this fact I'm going up to my room (8:30pm) to finish my movie and make these!! I am also going to load up on some hot soup or hot cocoa and nurse this cold.

Also from
elsie*cakes' flickr hand stitching. I love stitching and I want to start making a few things for my home some day, and maybe a couple for Christmas presents.

Not only do I love this girl, she's super nice and completely inspiring..but knitting and crochetting is just as fun! I am making a scarf..I need to finish it (again a bed project).
Silje Silje girl!
Ok it's time for some much needed resting. Have a beautiful weekend.
Any plans?