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30 January 2010

Your love is crucial

Hello friends!!

If you're anything like ME you're always happy on Friday. It's strange..because even though I've been out of school for 8 years..there is no school on Saturday. It's the best feeling in the world. And it just got BETTER!!

Starting 5th February, Six Gun Annie will be presenting: TGIF!
A wrap up of the week and some sweet sweet stuff to check out in the weekend. Blogs to catch up on, events and causes to fight for and just plain laughs from the internet and beyond. The show will have guests from time to time and will advertise and feature many artists, musicians and inspire'ers!

So be sure to tune in and catch the first Episode, this next coming Friday 5 February on Six Gun Annie TV!!

love*love*LOVE you all!!


27 January 2010

Make Up

Ok well I did do a tutaorial but I talk too was way long. And I'm sick and sniffed a lot. Soooo..I just made it a fun make up video. It's quite fast! Haha!


24 January 2010

Make Up Tutorial

Hello beautiful.
People often ask me how I do my make up..

I will be doing a make-up tutorial on Wednesday. It will be recorded. Of course I love love love top-of-the-line make up like Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown and MAC, I have very few of them. Although, I highly recomend saving for a few essentials then comaring with more affordable make up so you know what standard to buy cheap make up - sometimes they are quality!! You just have to find them!! I will show you a whole look, using afforable make up. Feel free to tune in live or you can watch the recording which I will post later Wednesday night. Seeing as I am in the UK, I will be doing tutorial around 12pm, which will be 6am for Americans. Just in time for work right? Ha. Good thing I'm recording!

I will show you:
1. a smokey eye with vibrant and blended colors

2. thick long and curled lashes (with affordable mascara and no falsies!)
3. how to create the perfect skin to recieve make up on

4. beautiful full pouty lips which you can finish with either a matte or gloss

5. thick and defined brows
I learn a lot of my make up tips from Pixiwoo on they are my favourite make up artists ever!
I think both of them are just so gorgeous. If they ever read this, you both are very inspiring, I would even encourage you to write a few books. Maybe one for young girls advising them on how to wear make up and take care of skin, so they don't look like a clown from day one, a book for maybe the younger woman to make her look at her best and one for the elderly lady with a classic tone to it.
Alright. It's Sunday and I'm sick so I'm going to get some rest.


23 January 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

I'm 24 now.
And my Mum and Dad got me the cutest pink bento.
I shall now veture into the bento world with hopefully one a week to start!


Are YOU watching?

I have a live webcam feed, it's on during the day when I do nothing. OR when I do SOMETHING. Like earlier tonight I showed everyone how I do my make up before I went out. Then..I did a movie and restuarant review. Maybe I will do some cooking tutuorials and more planned things. Feel free to suggest things you want to see.

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21 January 2010

Some goals..

Some goals for twentyten:
1. to care less about what people think of me and care more about what God thinks of me
2. to be absolutely busy serving God, taking as many oppertunities as I can as long as it's glorifying to God
3. Take care of my body - naturally
4. to keep my thoughts pure
5. read my Bible and pray every day
6. organise a non profit organisation led by me and Megan
7. to make God my number one priority
8. to drive
9. to let go the past and the accident
These are just a few. I've decided to write them down as I think of them and cross them off when I feel like I'm accomplished it.
What are some of your goals/resolutions?



It's me, Six Gun Annie..remember?

Well, I was really sick for a while. But I've been getting better these past 3 weeks. 2010 is about making decisions and perservering for me. So I'm just going to toughen up a bit, even if it kills me. I visited Springfield, MO to see friends and family.

I hung out this this guy, Brent Thornton. He's like my brother. I can tell him anything and my first night in we always go for dinner and coffee and talk for hours. I love him soooo much.

I met this guy here. Eric Guinn. Man oh man, I call him the Italian Job because he's SO Italian..and gorgeous. I did a photoshoot for the band he(and my mate Doug) is in called Trash Angels, I will show you those later. Eric and I went out a couple times. He is a real gentleman and a great kisser..wait..maybe I'm the good kisser and he just has great lips? I know, oh blog, I am grossing you out, I will stop.

I got an HP Laptop for my birthday (which is Saturday..I'll be 24) and I have wireless internet in my room, so I will be blogging more.

I am back.
Six Gun Annie

Ps. Later tonight I will be posting some new years goals