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31 March 2009


Southend On Sea, England, UK this is where I was this weekend (yes, away from the internet!)

We found one of these, it was a great find(in Basildon) considering it's the only one in England!! Yummy, I had Chicken Florentine, which I'm going to edit to make on own kindah recipe.

Mum, Dad and me

Me and Mum had one of those supermodel documentary hours!!
And I had one too!! Hehe.
All in all it was pretty cool. There are more pics on my facebook, if you haven't added me, click the link above that says Facebook and add me! Sweet action Jackson.
What did you do this weekend? I missed you!


26 March 2009



1. Went to doctor - I may post "my story" next week
2. Read the coolest convo on LA'S BLOG
3. Drank hot apple sider
4. Made delicious potato salad
5. Wrote down my food intake at
6. E-mailed my lawyer
7. Confirmed my surgery date
8. Had a hilarious conversation with Nicola Bedford
9. Packed for the road trip and holiday to Southend tomorrow! Woo!
10. I e-mailed a friend of a friend and told her that talking to her cheered me up

I'm really sleepy and this list worked out great.

ps. did the fresh pasta and roasted veg recipe in our class today


25 March 2009

This is where I work..

Charlie likes to sit here and have a chat with the felties when I work.

Lover Too painting (still waiting to be viewed and bought *cough* Mr. Rose *cough*) I moved this smaller table over here because then you have more room to get in and out of the room.

And the larger table I moved where the smaller one was. Now I can look out the window whilst I create many many things. Plus - more room.

There happens to be a sink in every room upstairs unless it has it's own bathroom. This comes soooo handy when I'm painting, and I love using the mirror when I do my hair.

This is the closet, no, no awesome storage techniques other than de-clutter and organise. I can't afford shelves and containers so I have very few. I am probably moving back to Springfield, MO in a couple years anyway.

So that is where I work. It's so clean now. I did the spring clean and my Charlie was in the way the whole time! Bah. I just wanna be in here now. And make things hehe.


24 March 2009

They call it puppy love

He wakes me up with kisses in the morning then stares at me (haha) and falls asleep on my pillow. This is a special time for us because he is not allowed to sleep with me, he sleeps in his own bed and every morning he looks forward to our morning cuddle.

And our many cuddles there after! I made a summer dress for this weekend in Southend and I made him a matching shirt.

We had got him a harness (only we don't believe in them anymore..thank-you Cesar!) it didn't fit, then we got didn't fit either, he's too wide for a xsmall and too short for a small..since he's odd shaped like me..we got him a hat, it fits pretty well..although his head is kinda big.

This week in cooking class we are making home made pasta and roasted veggies, one of my favourite dishes. This recipe will be in my cookbook. Also..SUMMER COOKING CLASSES begin soon!! (Have to finish up the spring one) I've had soooo much fun teaching my students how to make my favourite spring dishes, can't wait for will be a longer class!! Woooowhooo.
I will take pics of me and my parents in Southend. It will be fun. For those of you who don't know, Southend is a beachy warm place in England. We don't have any Florida's or CA..just Cornwalls and Southends and Hunstantons..which are nice and sunny and warm..but the water is ALWAYS freezing!! And..for some reason we have freezing water..oh dear.


23 March 2009

Goodbye my love

It's a sad notion but I put my Print Gocco Pg-10 Super screen printer + kit on E-bay today. (It's listed HERE) I love it and it works great, it's easy to use. Like most things being put on e-bay I need the money. I know they are hard to find and I have people ask me all the time where I got mine, so I want to give others a chance to have one for a good price. So..E-bay it is. I got great use out of it and I hope the next person does too.


20 March 2009

How to wear a headband 101

There are many ways to wear your headband. I wear mine lower on my head like..
Rachel Denbow

Elsie Flannigan ..

And this is how you would wear mine..since it has a little feltie feature..

And you can wear it like this..

And you can also wear it further back to hold flyaways..

When my hair is straightened I wear it in the middle of my head when I wear a ponytail to keep my loose hairs from flying in my face. Today I had SUPER curly hair (I washed and slept with it a lil moist) so I wore it just above my bangs and then look longer less curly pieces and tucked them into the headband.
Any questions? Everyone will look different anyway. When I wear mine like Elsie, with my hair pushed forward..I look funny. She has great style. But sometimes you have to work the headband to work for you, practise and look and see what looks best for you!!
About my cookbook
I'm in the process of writing a cookbook. I've written a few recipes that are released in my Cooking Class and they get to try out my recipes. They are simple recipes with fresh ingredients. Things you get in restaurants - only you can make it at home, like fraps, sushi and sorbet oh yummy.


19 March 2009

Look what I made

I made this album for my Mum for Mother's Day (which is Sunday)

Those Poladroids are soooooooo amazing!

Wasn't I a cute baby!?

I also updated my SWEET AS LITTLE SHOP with these..

Tomorrow I meet with my surgeon. WoooOoo. But we are going to Wagamamas after for lunch. Anyone have awesome plans for the weekend? Daniel was supposed to come up for the weekend but a show he's playing got moved to Saturday. Boo. I'm going to some pottery factories instead.


18 March 2009


I never watch it but it was super good tonight. Whoa. I may even watch it tomorrow night too!!

Anyway my shop has some new and exciting and cute hair bands..

..just click here to see.

Super sleepy oxoxxoxooxx


Check it out check it in

Were you all aware I adore Zac Efron, especially in Hairspray when he falls in love with the fat girl.

Hey check it out..I changed my blog. Shaaamone. All by my self. Still tweaking a little here and there but I'll slowly figure the coding out. I'm super tired. I spent today walking, working on my Mum's Mother's Day present (pics tomorrow) and editing product pics (update for shop soooooon)

Short post. Long*love oxox


17 March 2009

Suuure you can post twice in a day

Before the 27th March I need to..

* get into the head clinic for more tests
* list more items on etsy (tomorrow)
* finish another painting
* clean and organize the office
* plan and make more storage and decor
* walk Charlie like a billion times
* straighten my hair
* finish my mums mini book for mothers day (which is sunday - here)
* sleep more relax
* paint nails icey green
* buy some pottery from the outlets for ebay
* list the appliance graveyard on ebay
* read my bible and pray every day
* send something made by me to the natalinis
* sell lovers two for 500 pounds
* see surgeon

I'm so sleepy. ox


16 March 2009

Yes I can

Friday night I made this..

..into this..

..for a mother at the baby shower Saturday.

Today I shaved Charlie, he looks so much younger..(I may have left a lil too much on the top)

..and more muscular!!
We also went through our "kitchen appliences" graveyard..and we are going to list..a Jack Le Lanne juicer, a food processor(juicer, whipper, chopper - all accessories), toaster and cappucino machine.
And..tomorrow I am going to update my shop!!
And this Friday in my online class..we are making..SUSHI!! <3<3<3


14 March 2009

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13 March 2009

Oooh baby::oooh baby, ooooh ooooh oooh baby

Mandy Natalini and her daughter's sent me a Random Act of Kindness package..with this unicorn kit in it!!

This is a minibook for my online class, it has a short version of all the recipes!! This one is Kimi's.

This is a fat mini book I made. Those two dogs are my brother Mikey's. On the right is me and Charlie!! The left side is fused Morrisons plastic bag..the Tesco ones are cool too.

I used the back of the polaroid to make a dark stary sky!!

My favourite Starbuck's drink and my favourite place in the world my Aunt Barbie's house. Me and bro's in front, our two cousins in the back.
Memories!! <3<3
Oh..should I attempt to groom my own dog? I seem to be able to do anything as long as I study it on and it doesn't look hard. I think some friends from church have a dog shaver. I'm afraid to clip his nails because they are long and black and it's hard too see the nerve.
He'd look super sharp!! I already cut off his mutton chops and he looks way younger!


12 March 2009


As it gets warmer and warmer I'm falling more and more in love with He Is Legend - I am Hollywood again, I have Suck Out the Poison but it just doesn't do me as well as I am Hollywood.

I need to do this recipe today, a couple. Chai Frap - which I have but I am developing the "Cap'n Crunch Frap" which you can make in your own home. Yummy.

I also need to organize the office and make my computer faster so I work on it in my office instead of downstairs on my dad's cupmuter!!


Pictures sooon, promise.


11 March 2009

Juuuliet you know you want it!!

My fav..
Hair: blonde (when I could manage to do it)
Nails: red
TV Show: Dog Whisperer
Style: simple with cute accessories
Music: I love Gnarles Barkley and happy poppy stuff
Colors: green, pink and well I love them all
Where did she go I do not know,
And which direction was it snowing?
I'll turn around again
Paint over pictures on the wall
I can't believe she gave me alcohol
I thought of Jezebel
Hung from a wrecking ball to see your fashion show
I think you know me well,
I think you know me well
You know me well,
you know me well
Juliet!You know you want it [x4]
I've been receiving
strange phone calls from the city
And I will not extend my hand to the general
And I do not think the people will remember us
Hung from a wrecking ball
to see your fashion show
I think you know me well,
I think you know me well
Oh! Break it down!
I've been receiving
strange phone calls from the city
And I will not extend my hand to the general
And I do not think the people will remember us
And we'll find out where you live! Yeah!
Hung from a wrecking ball to view a fashion show
I think you know me well, I think you know me well
I've been jumping over buildings,
I've been sleeping in the street
"Mr. Jones" will be right with you if you would just have a seat
Well I'll meet you at the river where we both can clear our heads
I think we would look great dead.
I've got to find
To find the princess,
she's in another castle
And I'm dancing with the Capulet
We're so "crazy in love"
Juliet!You know you want it [x4]Oh!


10 March 2009

Week 1 Online Cooking Class

Week one..smoothies and fraps! Yes I will be teaching my students how to make these delicious over priced drinks from home. (Which shouldn't stop you from enjoying a Cap'n Crunch Frap on the go!!) I will be teaching the art of making them, experimentation and also how to pack true vitamins and healthy goodness into them. (You'd be surprised at how "just because it has fruit doesn't mean I'm getting a load of nutrients") Also, we'll be making delicious fraps! Come learn, there are still spots available. Here.

What are your favourites?
Fav smoothie: Strawberry Kiwi
Fav health smoothie (meal substitution): Strawberry Kiwi with multi-vitamins and iron, ensure - vanilla
Fav home made frap: Chai Tea Frap
Fav Starbucks: Green Tea Frap
I would like to experiment with oats, raisins and nuts. I think a cocoa banana smoothie would be delicious with some granola and almonds on top.


9 March 2009

A delicious choice my dear!

This particular soap does look good enough to eat, and researching into the product - I found it is possibly good enough to eat! I think the idea of organic and handmade soaps is great, who wouldn't want to nourish their body with the top of nature supplies, not man developed chemically correct soap. Leave your skin clean and your body happy, shop GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT SOAP.


8 March 2009

Check it out..

Super proud moment for my Daniel. He's the singer..


6 March 2009

PS. My dream pack

I want Cesar Millan. ;) Just kidding, I would love a pitbull/staffordshire terrier

Shih Tzu


Chihuahua and Great Dane

Teacup Yorkie

This of course includes Charlie. Oh and add..

Italian Greyhound

This of course comes after my fortune when I have money and time to take care, love and walk them. And train them. In my big farm house. <3