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28 May 2009

Laura Lips <3

Meet Laura Williams.

Meet the product line I made inspired by her..

Laura Lips, this is people, people this is Laura Lips.

Laura Lips is made from organic bee products.


26 May 2009


Hey everyone. I don't have much to say other than..



I have a package to post today, and a new line of lip balms. They are oragnic honey and beeswax, however some split..if you are a balm maker can you let me know why this happened? I think I didn't put enough out in it. Anyway I will melt them down again and reset those that didn't set properly. They are super soft and yummy. I think I will call them "Laura Lips:by SGA"


24 May 2009

My intense nightmare

If you are faint at heart or get scared easily, don't continue to read this post.

Ok so, I was hanging with friends and there was this other girl I guess I knew of but wasn't mates with. She was blonde with a roundish face. She was pacing in a door way and I heard a low pitched grunt..I looked at her and said something about my house being full of those who wish to praise the Lord. And she just stared at me and I was like "Hey come here.." and she kept staring so I walked towards her and the door slammed in front of her although no one touched it. Everyone else because frightened and a couple other friends of faith looked alarmed. So I guess we decided to perform an exorcism. My knowledge of demons led me to praise the Lord and mantion his power over and over again, each time the girl grunting like it was painful to hear. Then I crossed her arms (the others were watching in fear almost trembling, not knowing what to do) and held her tight (like a straight jacket) I had held her as tight as I could in the process she was grabbing my hands and her nails were ripping into my wrists causing them to bleed. I asked me friends to grab a chair or rope or anything to keep her from fleeing and controling the situation. The sounds of her grunts were so real. As I held her I told her that the Lord was with me and I was holder her and I was praying over her (this "demon" had immense strength) as she weakened a little I asked "What is your name?" she grunted and said something I couldn't understand, then I said, "In the name of the Lord and Saviour tell me your name." and she laughed and said her name was Asheroth. Then I paryed some more and she fell to the ground..and I thought evertyhing was ok, but only and hour later she started acting funny again, she/he told me I cast him into the dog and he moved back into her body. I then woke up.


Anyone else have spooky dreams like that!??


21 May 2009

oooooh beehiiiive

I wanted to cut my hair, so I did a beehive before I did. Just for kicks.

Lil photo shoot. :)

Then I cut my hair.

It was greasy here, I just washed it and it has body and layers and I'm so excited. I can't believe I cut my own hair. It's not too hard, only getting the back took forever and a day. I'm very confident to cut someone else's hair! I have an apt to do so can't wait to do some more!
Anyone else give themselves a trim lately?


19 May 2009

You've got to love her, squeeze her, don't tease her - never leave her! Try a little tenderness yeah yeah..x

This is me and Laura having some fun whilst le green screen was up this weekend.

Isn't she absolutemly gorgeous?

Even better..she is a musician..
I had a blast. I did over do it a little bit probably, because well 1. I didn't eat enough or drink enough and 2. I felt horrid Sunday.
But good news, I feel much better today. So here we go.
Anyone else have a good weekend??


17 May 2009

Laura Williams was at mine for the weekend..

We made this video. Our rendition of a new age beehive, but I'm going to do an old school one later this week if I start feeling better.

Photos soon.


15 May 2009


Have you seen this film? I hope so. I really really like this film and the funny part is I didn't watch it for the longest time..because I thought I'd be annoyed by it. And I never liked Zac Effron before either.

But when I feel down this movie picks me right up and makes me smile. I think it's mainly because there is a lil drama and the lil fat girl doesn't let anything get her down, whether Link likes her not, whether the station likes her or not she just shakes it off.

I think that's a good lesson for everyone.


12 May 2009

Grow your own !! ;)

This is my garden..
I grew these all from seedlings. Squash, carrot, beets and lettuce, I also am growing red bell peppers - which I got the seed from one I bought in the store, ate, and then I threw it in a milk jug with soil. :) You should try this with any fresh veg or fruit in the store.
The rest of the garden is on the other side, we are also growing spinach, onions, courjettes, sage, dill, sweet basil, majoram, loveland, thyme, rocket, green beans, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, mint and rhubarb, and probably more I just can think. Oh tiny fire hot chillis too.
This last week (from Tuesday to Tuesday) I've lost 10lbs. I think that is crazy but when for one part of the week you've only had clear fluids and the other part you only eat 4 times a day and a couple teaspoons ot tablespoons a sitting - you're bound to lose weight. I eat less calories in a day than someone would eat in a McDonalds Happy Meal with healthy choices. Crazy. But good.

Still a bit tired. But I'm working up to more nutritious food. It seems I have an intolerance for milke - even skimmed :(. So I've switched to dry and soya, it helps. I love soya anyway. Did you know you can buy soya mince!? It has a lot of protein (which I need) so I add it to my breakfast and many other things. Yummy. Only other problem is my diaphram hurts in the mornings - it feels like I'm being stabbed when I breathe. My surgeon told me not to worry but keep an eye on it. Until then he said take more pain meds regularly. He said it sounded like my body was in pain, he told me not to be tough but to take it easy and rest, it's only been 6 days since my surgery.
..which everyone has been telling me all along. Meep!
PS. I am making some more clutches today. <3
Any one else getting crafty ?


7 May 2009

Etsy update and DEFY*STYLE

When Daniel was up here visiting for a few days he asked me to measure him for a t-shirt. Daniel is in a band and he needs some hot shirts to wear for photo shoots and gigs. Well, he showed me DEFY STYLE. A shop on e-bay. What I found was some of the most amazing tees I've ever seen. The reason I like these are because the use of color, the theme, heritage and the story behind it.

Here are a couple of my fav girl tees..have a look at the guy ones they are awesome too. I think when I lose some more weight I will get a guy one with two six guns on it! Considering I'm Six Gun Annie!!

I thought this was a sweet vintage style!

I updated my shop with those delicious candles I told you about! My favourite ones are the little tealight ones. They are so sweet, not too smelly (like some can be) a just right scent and oh so cute. I like to display mine on a vintage teacup!

I also made a couple cupcake size ones, they are two toned. Get this - they fit inside the vintage teacup. Hehe it's a really great size candle. I think what I would do if I lived in the USA right now is go to a thrift store and get some old glassware and old teacups and glasses (like goofus glass) and put these darlings in them. What a sweet home decor idea aye.

There aren't many so get your hands on them when you can. I made one other candle it's a standard short candle that fits in most candle holders. They are scented as Sugar Cookie but I think they smell like a soft Cotton Candy. It's a real comforting scent. Hope you enjoy!
When I get better (and they let me work!!) I think I will make some green and yellow mint candles!
All these candles have beeswax in them - which produces and more cozy flame and lasts longer!
What are your fav designers?


6 May 2009

FAV art

I want to share with you all my favourite things. These are some my top favourite art pieces..some are new and some I've loved for sooooo much longer.

These two are new "finds" that I found on

I really like these because I do a lot of stencil art too..similar t the piece below. I think they bring a fresh and exciting look to any home.

This artist Doug Martin is also a drummer for a band in Springfield, MO called The Trash Angels, if you are around go see them and tell them I sent ya. A great show to go to and nice people. If you purchase a cd - the pic laser printed on the actual cds - I took. :) Anyway back to art.. . I was there with Doug singing to him and giving him my opinion when he finished this painting..

And everyone knows this next artist, Elsie Flannigan .. I really love the crisp clean look. I think this painting would be awesome to have in a homeschoolng room or a classroom, my sister in law teaches 1st grade and this would def fit in her classroom, it's very inspiring.

Hope you enjoyed those pieces. Please feel free to tell me what artists you enjoy! I love art. I could sit in a coffee gallery listening to bands and looking at paintings all day long. I love here in the UK when they have markets and some indie artist are out there. They paint HUUUUGE canvases - this is what I want to do some day when I can afford to, paint biiiiiiig canvases, seems the bigger the better with my art.


5 May 2009

Inspiration when ill





You can find these items on, by clicking on the pictures. The "by" is their sellername if you want to look them up. These things made me wanna move, eat and shower today.


2 May 2009

I'm HOME*sweet home

The jist:
Wednesday I had Gastric Bypass Surgery. It was very painful. It's a proceedure that should take two hours and 5 keyholes - however, for me it took 4.5 hours and 9 (yes - 9) keyholes. But it went well. I guess it was hard to move things around in there. But my liver was shrunk so I did the diet really well.

I'm home now. Had a quick diddle on facebook, hotmail, etsy and a couple blogs. Might be a while until i'm back in full swing. this week (when I can manage to get up the stairs) I have a few orders for my shop so post and e-baying to do.

Right now:
I'm very sleepy. My tummy doesn't hurt coz I took my meds but I need some rest. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers and text messages!

Oh and i read LA's blog as soon as I got home - love your doo girl! xx