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25 September 2008

Finished products!!

Hey everyone. I have been very busy making some things to put in my Etsy shop. I thought I would give you a preview!!

Here are a few lip balms I made. Some are Cherry and the others are Cherry/Chocolate. They are handmade by myself and organic. I've tried it, they make your lips soooooo soft and yummy!!

Here are a few of the bookmarks I was working on..they are so cute! Each is different in it's own way. I love the bows. I will be grouping them in 3's, if you have any specific requests I can work on some for you and your friends.

The whole Facebook Flair thing gave me an idea to make some badges. Again if you want personalized ones, let me know. They have to be in an order of 5, and you can get an indv design for each. My favourite is the Coffee one and the There is a Time For Peace one.

I also made this one for Silje. I hear she likes nerdy stuff. So I just went ahead and made it.

Anyway, it was alot of fun. Soon enough these items will be available in my Etsy shop which I will let you know about as soon as I get the money to list them. AND I will be putting some paintings on there too.

Peace and Love!
-Six Gun Annie