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30 January 2009

My Latest..

..craving of energy and sunshine!
..want..teacup yorkie..
..project - knitting a black scarf with the knitting kit Trish got me for my birthday..
Can I just say, big needles = fast work!!
..encouraged! craving..bibimbap!
I just want to mix and gobble it up.
What is with my obsession with Asian food!?
Those are my latest craving, wants, needs, loves.
Anybody else craving it too? I'm definitely craving sunshine. Not even heat, just a good source of natural light.


kimi 30 January, 2009  

hey, I am a new comer to your blog. I found you cause you commented on silje blog. I am always trying to find bloggers who like the same stuff as I... I love your blog and will try to comment often. And you have totally cute stuff in your etsy shop! Keep up the good work!-Kimi

anne esquibel 30 January, 2009  

Hey Kimi, thank you. I'll put up your link on my page - but you gotta help me inspire some people.

Loving the dip I saw on your site, I had a tonsilectomy last week and I haven't been able to eat, but I am starting to be able to swallow stuff and I'm soooo looking forward to the dip! Hehe.


Anne ox