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22 January 2009

No more tonsils..

I am in the process of getting one of these darlings!! I know someone who sells them for only 100 quid, not sure when he will have another litter, can't wait!!

I would love some green tea icecream. I had some Tuesday for my Birthday at Aki-Teri in Cambridge. I also had some yummy sushi. I loved it. Thanks Buffy and Trish. My birthday is actually tomorrow but I won't be celebrating much, you'll see why at the end of this post!!

I am going to make one of these fat mini books!! I dunno if I will use only the paper bags, but I'll definitely incorperate them!!

I would really like one of these..not exactly right now, maybe tomorrow though.

Because I had a laser tonsilectomy. It hurt. It still hurts. Ouch.
Much love, I probably won't post until next week. Daniel will be here this weekend to keep me sane.