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5 February 2009

Amazing things on the horizon!

FIRST OFF - if you are new..Welcome :) Thanks for taking the time to check me out yo!

I recently have taken the role of Advertizing and Marketing for and so far (in the last day or two) love working with Leigh-Ann on ways to advertise and promote her shop and blog. Advertising is something I have always been good at and been into. I don't know what it is about promotion that gets those wheels in my head turning but it fills me with a lot of purpose and also gives me a chance to network and work with several people and earn their trust to promote my own store too.

I first started promotion when I was 16! That's right, little me, I was blonde then (fakely) started promoting bands. I was given 3 nights a week at the White Horse (venue) in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England. As my experience grew (as my grades went up in business too!!) so did my network of bands and other promoters and eventually venues. I've booked bands in London, Croydon, Harrow, High Wycombe and many surrounding areas. I managed to get a spot on Total Rock Radio each week to advertise my shows, back then I was Lil Miss Unstable. A lot has changed since.

I still work with bands every now and then (but I really lose myself in music promotion and it takes over me! So I had to take a step back) for friends and family. But now I am building a career and business for myself.

Although everyone is capable of being their own boss, everyone has different gifts. Some people make thousands in telemarketing - if you did wouldn't you be a telemarketer!? Some people are artists and musicians (like my big bro Joey) - and also waitresses and Customer Service Reps (heehee), some people are pastors and youth leaders (like my big brother Mikey), and some are leaders and some are followers. I strongly encourage you whatever age or step in life you are at to find your unique gift and start building on it.

Meet you at the top in 2009!

Thanks for reading and be sure to leave me a comment with your blog or shop that I can put over there on the right..;) oxox

ps. don't be shy :)


Laura 06 February, 2009  

Congrats on your new job! I love Leigh-Ann's work and I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with!!!

anne esquibel 06 February, 2009  

Thanks Laura. Things are deffinitely happening. Keep an eye out. :)

kimi 06 February, 2009  

Yeah!! Congrats! I saw your ideas on in LA's comments! I am so excited for you and for her to have you! Both of you have become some of my favorite blogs and now that you guys are working together that is even more exciting. Best of luck on your new adventures!

Michelle and Brittany 06 February, 2009  

congrats on the new job! i loooove freckled nest :] i'm interested in seeing what sort of things you come up with.


Freckled Nest 09 February, 2009  

I'm so excited that we're working together and you're already blowing me away with your abilities!!! Thanks so much for all you're doing Annie!! :)