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10 March 2009

Week 1 Online Cooking Class

Week one..smoothies and fraps! Yes I will be teaching my students how to make these delicious over priced drinks from home. (Which shouldn't stop you from enjoying a Cap'n Crunch Frap on the go!!) I will be teaching the art of making them, experimentation and also how to pack true vitamins and healthy goodness into them. (You'd be surprised at how "just because it has fruit doesn't mean I'm getting a load of nutrients") Also, we'll be making delicious fraps! Come learn, there are still spots available. Here.

What are your favourites?
Fav smoothie: Strawberry Kiwi
Fav health smoothie (meal substitution): Strawberry Kiwi with multi-vitamins and iron, ensure - vanilla
Fav home made frap: Chai Tea Frap
Fav Starbucks: Green Tea Frap
I would like to experiment with oats, raisins and nuts. I think a cocoa banana smoothie would be delicious with some granola and almonds on top.


kimi 11 March, 2009  

yummy yummy! i am so excited about the chai tea frap. i also like to add protein powder when it is a meal substitute, cause I never seem to eat enough meat throughout the week! I can't wait to experiment some more...I wonder if i can make the cap n' crunch frap at home :) *evil smile*