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2 May 2009

I'm HOME*sweet home

The jist:
Wednesday I had Gastric Bypass Surgery. It was very painful. It's a proceedure that should take two hours and 5 keyholes - however, for me it took 4.5 hours and 9 (yes - 9) keyholes. But it went well. I guess it was hard to move things around in there. But my liver was shrunk so I did the diet really well.

I'm home now. Had a quick diddle on facebook, hotmail, etsy and a couple blogs. Might be a while until i'm back in full swing. this week (when I can manage to get up the stairs) I have a few orders for my shop so post and e-baying to do.

Right now:
I'm very sleepy. My tummy doesn't hurt coz I took my meds but I need some rest. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers and text messages!

Oh and i read LA's blog as soon as I got home - love your doo girl! xx


stina 02 May, 2009  

great to hear you're feeling better. i hope you'll have a fast recovery.

& yes, isn't her hair gorgeous! makes me want to take out the scissors!

Angela 02 May, 2009  

Aww, sweetie! Praying for a quick recover for you :)

And I think we'll all end up with bangs like that! They're so cute, who can resist trying them?

kimi 03 May, 2009  

aww sweet love, i hope you get better fast! i met la this weekend and totally love her to death! now us 3 just need to get together for a great week(end)!!

Elle 04 May, 2009  

nice to know you're blogging again! hope that you recover soon and get lotsa rest!

Eeffie 07 May, 2009  

Glad the surgery is over! Take things easy and hopefully you'll recover soon!

Freckled Nest 08 May, 2009  

hope you're recovering quick and feeling better each day!! charlie will take good care of you :)

thanks for the comment, you're so sweet :)