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9 June 2009

Looking forward

I love my bob.
Reading for the plane..
..and learning a little something!
Going home.
Seeing my best.
And even better..
Hooligan bay resort with my family!!
Esp these two. <3
Shopping here!!
Eating out of a little bento. For my little tummy!!
I'm very excited. I have a lot more to do. Cleaning the house etc and then start packing. I need also work out a lot this week and tone. Can't wait to see everyone.


Freckled Nest 09 June, 2009  

awwww, are you excited??? :)
I loved your story of your favorite vacation! It sounds so magical! Love you! Have a great trip to your other home :]

ps. Boston Terrier's are defiantly awesome! I recommend a Tom for everyone :)

lacy 10 June, 2009  

eeeee OMG you are going to have the best time! Happy travels!!!

mandy 14 June, 2009  

Shaunti absolutely ROCKS it in that book!!! Soak it up. I give it as an engagement present whenever I can. :)