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10 July 2009

After a long needed holiday..I'm back

I did lots of this..
..loved every moment with him..
And them of course!!

Attention all Springfield, MO readers!!
I am looking for a place to live..I love lofts..
But I can settle for cheaper too!!
Basically I need somewhere that is pet friendly. Ideally downtown or on Commercial Street. I know "good luck with pets!" I have a 16 lbs Patterdale/Daschund Terrier. There is no way I am leaving him behind. I would even settle for a studio apartment if it were walking distance to downtown. I only say this, downtown trend, because I'm an artist and I want to meet people out in town and invite them to view my art in my home (where ever that ends up being). So..a good priced loft (the one above is $629) for rent (a month) and pet friendly (wasn't sure about that loft) would be ideal. As I said a studio apartment could be too.
Wanna help? Give me some ideas! Thanks!! xx


Jennifer 10 July, 2009  

i love lofts too! :)