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19 July 2009

Dreams can come true

I would love to live here (Blueblock Lofts - Pet Friendly!!)

With this little guy (my Charlie, Patterdale Daschund) he's so small!!

And this couch!

With a job typing things up on this..

A girl can dream right?
The thing is..why dream? Do it! The loft costs $575/mo plus $200 non refunable pet deposit. I can do this right? I mean, that's what? 1 cheque, 1/2 of one even. If I worked a good job or even a crappy one - just faithfully. Plus things I do to earn extra income, or money I plan on saving this year. This is very do-able. Especially in Springfield.
The other things - I can survive with what I have or can buy at the thrift store. Who says you can't make a super sweet couch cover? Or even a quilt! (You can buy kits/get info HERE)
I'm excited. All I want to do is work, and trust God right now. I would mind having a significant other..but..I'm patient.
ps. for some reason I wanna move to NYC, but I wait for that after I've had a good job, saved money so maybe a few years down the rd when I'm out of debt.