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13 July 2009


Weight: 113 kg
Exercise: Aerobics
Today I took Charlie for our morning walk and upon my return, put some soup on and put the headphones in. I love listening to music and working out, it puts me in some daze really. Lots of jogging, dancing, stepping etc. I did a lil ab workout too as - if anyone's ever tried a full hour of aerobics is killer and I wanted to burn some fat and tone whilst my heart rate was up.
It was very refreshing, I sweat it out then I had some soup. Some day I wanna make a vid like this..old school..with my friend Laura. It'll be fun fun fun!!
Tomorrow..probably yoga or something a lil lighter. I wanna do the hardcore exercising every other day. So I don't pull anything. Maybe tomorrow I should do some resistance work. We'll see.
Love love.