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23 July 2009

-Um hello? Is this thing on?

Cuteness to the max..
Handmade teddies! Can you imagine your child having a completely unique and beautiful toy like this? What about that guest room? I think it makes a classy addition. Found here.
This Summer Fun Mini Book. How fun is that? By Rhonda
(I think everyone should make a mini book at some point in their life! They are soooo cool. I will be selling Starbuck's Mini Book Kits in my shop soon. I made mine into a mini book with famous coffee quotes. It will be a gift someday for someone!!)

How awesome are these finds!? I am actually excited (because of Pony Party) to move (someday..soon?) and get rid of old junk and breathe in some vintage love. In my room, my kitched and bathroom. I can't wait for that new home breath of fresh air!

Anyway. In addition to cuteness:

I've lost a lot more weight, this photo is a before and after of my 3 week holiday, how cool is that? I'm very excited and happy about it, because I feel so much better and I can exercise easier. And I love going to the gym!

Something else I love: The Lord. I can't tell you how awesome it feels to love God and let him take you in his arms and care for you. I've never felt sooooo good. I'm not perfect either..just so you know..I could probably use reading my Bible everyday - but I'm working on it. I always remember:

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness. And all these things shall be added unto you."

So..I've been seeking Him first :)


Anonymous,  24 July, 2009  

lookin good, annie! keep it up. :)