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21 August 2009

A few TTV photos

I took these photos with my Canon Powershot, and an ooooold Kodak camera. It wasn't a box camera with a mirror (though I want to do some ttv photos like that soon as I find one) because I don't have one, but who made the rule you had to use one? I just used an oooold dusty camera and shot through the viewfinder.
This is a sock monkey I made..his name is Boogie Woogie.
I think I am going to make another sock toy and give them both to my neices for Christmas.
My Patterdale Daschund, Charlie.
Isn't he so handsome? Hehe.
Me course!
I'm loving my eyes.
Tomatoes we have grown. I love the orange!
It's finally Friday. I have a lot to do this weekend.
I need to:
1. Make another sock toy
2. Make some homemade hot chocolate mix (for my gift in a jar prsents)
3. Make a scrapbook page of myself and with pics of me for my classroom so my children can look at it and understand who "Miss Anne" is. :)
4. Finish my background check paperwork
5. Make an appointment next week for my blood to be drawn
6. Contact my nutritionist
7. Take another "after"'s so encouraging to look at!
8. Yard sale
9. Charlie has a dog show on Sat..I need to bathe and trim him
10. Love God as much as I possibly can..and clean my room.


Jennifer 21 August, 2009  

I finally started seeing tomatoes out of the seeds that we had planted about a month ago. I was ecstatic!