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24 August 2009

Today I love cherries!

How to make Cherry Wine

This adorable cherry dress is perfect for the summer. Some cute thick tights and a sweet sweater would even make it a great winter doo as well. Love love love from

These SWEET cherry shoes. I love love them, perfect with some slacks and a white blouse.

Sweetheart cream cheese cherry tarts,
home made

Cherry underwear purses!! These things are sooooo cute. I want one to carry on me to take to Mud Lounge and have a nice classy drink with friends, or a cuppa coffee and a cheese platter. These are found

cherries, of course

Queen Anne Cordials

Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom Wallpaper

This cherry material goes great with the checkered matierial. I would say..gorgeous apron if I owned

These scrapbooking papers are fantastic!
After a wonderful day at work I'm worn out and ready for some tea, a snackeroo and a film in bed or reading and an early night!
What cherries do you like??