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28 October 2009

Christmas Make Over Plans

So far..
I will be returning to Springfield, MO some time after Christmas for a holiday and I plan on being even trimmer. Here is the plan..vlogging, simple but consistant exercise and better eating. It's time to kick it. I also have a party just before Christmas.
Long walk or light jog
Resistance bands, all muscles
Dancing 30 mins, butt and thigh reps, crunches
Stairs and can lifting..yes..canned food, when you up and down stairs..lifing up and above your head
Resistance bands, all muscles
Chin ones! Looking up and flexing your neck muscles (like you are biting) this is designed to tone your neck, also butt clentches..whenever possible
These reminders will be loaded on my phone as soon as I hit the button "Publish Post"
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kimi 03 November, 2009  

Yay for you! I am so excited that you are doing so good. Keep up the good work and you are wonderful inspiration!