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30 October 2009


I'm a dork!


Bianca 01 November, 2009  

i loooove owl city!

anne esquibel 01 November, 2009  

My Mum almost peed her pants when she saw my vid! Haha.

I love Owl Coty too and if it weren't for Owl City I would have never found my fav budding artist Ashly B (Bashly) She does a great cover of fireflies. I hope I can get her on my site.

Anonymous,  02 November, 2009  

way to go, annie!!! :)
there were parts of that video that i was cracking up at... when you were doing the legs with the resistance band. i don't know why, it just looked so funny, these random legs going really fast. haha.
great song as well!

kimi 03 November, 2009  

this is so cute! i love that charlie stands there and watches you for a while. it made me laugh and i dug it!!

anne esquibel 04 November, 2009  

You should def keep up with the newer ones. Tomorrow is dancing so it will be hilarious I tell you! :) x