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18 October 2009

Sweet finds!

As promised, here are a few this I thrifted this past week.
Wonderful 50th Birthday Crayola Tin

McCall's Vintage wear! Would love to make one of those jumpsuits! <3>here.
Some pretty pretty Japanese fabric.

Hello*Dr. Suess! I found two sheets. One I am going to sell next week in my shop (so keep an eye out) and the second I am going to create magical things with!

Sunday's best is still on my camera. But last Sunday's best was nice too!!
..even though my hair looks red.
Went into town and hd a lovely Latte from Starbucks. Listed a few books on and now I am off the church.


Anonymous,  18 October, 2009  

Dr. Suess sheets, no way!! I hope you make something spectacular with those. The crayon tin is also equally as amazing.

Anonymous,  19 October, 2009  

Oh my gosh, I love the Dr. Seuss sheets too! :) What amazing finds :)