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11 November 2009

Everyone is invited!

To the party in my dreams! See you there. Bring your Space Ice Cream!

This is me and Jack we hate the Atlantic Ocean right now.


ashley 12 November, 2009  

i'm interested in knowing how you stay motivated throughout your weight loss journey. i'm having a difficult time!


anne esquibel 12 November, 2009  

Well I did have gastric bypass surgery 5 months ago. So weight has inevitibly been falling off of me. I'm at a crucial point right now with eating though. I guess th fact I paid around $25,000 motivates me and the fact I can get better and cheaper clothes and be much more healthy and happy!

It helps ease the tension if you see food as a necessity, you MUST eat to live. Just be wise what you eat and how much. I mean really..I don't see anything wrong with eating 3 or 4 bananas or 2 slices of pizza. It's when you eat 3 or 4 pizzas and 1 or 2 bananas that's alarming. xx