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21 November 2009

Vlog 6 - Running Downtown Huntingdon

Tonight I finished NewMoon and saw it. Excellent. The acting is still fresh haha. But the book was amazing and I'm starting Eclipse tonight. Think about me, I'm doing induction at Tesco tomorrow. I'm generally good at meeting new people. I've got tonnes of ideas in my head for more videos. I really want to do an old school silent comedy. I've always loved Charlie Chaplain. Anyway..feel free to share this video..infact I implore you to do just that!!

Astonishing how the good townspeople of Huntingdon don't even flinch at my whitty antics on running through the street. Good exercise though! I should do a morph of my weight loss photos soon.

Have a lovely weekend.



kimi 22 November, 2009  

omg, you are so funny!! i wish we lived closer together cause I would totally make movies with you!!

anne esquibel 23 November, 2009  

I know right!! Well when I move back to Springfield Missouri, you should visit and we can make a few!