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10 December 2009


Lara Jade makes me want to get out my camera more..
..she is my favourite UK photographer, I hope to have her guest blog some day.
I'm still writing my novel, if only I were that dedicated to things like (which reminds me to track my food today) at least.
A huge actress type inspiration to me..Taylor Momsen.
I would love to be able to create something like this someday..

Ok I am head over heels for a fictional character. And it's not even his looks really. I mean he's okay looking sometimes but since reading all the books..I'm just waiting for a boyfriend who is that dedicated to me too! Until then I can always giggle whilst I read or watch..

Oh ps: someone said my most recent photo makes me look a bit like Neve Campbell..what do you think?


Anonymous,  12 February, 2010  

i would completely agree... Nev Campbell for sure! you're looking so good, annie! :)
um, and yeah, that's what sucks about those books is every girl in the world is now waiting for that perfect guy to come along. such a let down, haha. i've slowly grown back into reality, realizing that God has a plan and as long as we are following Him, we will be happy with his plan.