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24 January 2010

Make Up Tutorial

Hello beautiful.
People often ask me how I do my make up..

I will be doing a make-up tutorial on Wednesday. It will be recorded. Of course I love love love top-of-the-line make up like Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown and MAC, I have very few of them. Although, I highly recomend saving for a few essentials then comaring with more affordable make up so you know what standard to buy cheap make up - sometimes they are quality!! You just have to find them!! I will show you a whole look, using afforable make up. Feel free to tune in live or you can watch the recording which I will post later Wednesday night. Seeing as I am in the UK, I will be doing tutorial around 12pm, which will be 6am for Americans. Just in time for work right? Ha. Good thing I'm recording!

I will show you:
1. a smokey eye with vibrant and blended colors

2. thick long and curled lashes (with affordable mascara and no falsies!)
3. how to create the perfect skin to recieve make up on

4. beautiful full pouty lips which you can finish with either a matte or gloss

5. thick and defined brows
I learn a lot of my make up tips from Pixiwoo on they are my favourite make up artists ever!
I think both of them are just so gorgeous. If they ever read this, you both are very inspiring, I would even encourage you to write a few books. Maybe one for young girls advising them on how to wear make up and take care of skin, so they don't look like a clown from day one, a book for maybe the younger woman to make her look at her best and one for the elderly lady with a classic tone to it.
Alright. It's Sunday and I'm sick so I'm going to get some rest.