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15 February 2010

This is important for me to tell you!


Anonymous,  16 February, 2010  

100 pounds... annie, that's so amazing! i'm so happy for you and excited for your 5 things! i posted this video on my blog... hope you don't mind.

Melissa A. @ Design Delights 16 February, 2010  

Hi Annie,
I just watched your vlog post here on Becca's blog. You have made quite an accomplishment, losing 100 lbs., yeah! I just want to encourage you. Yes, we can get down if we lose focus on Jesus, and reading that book is sometimes hard to read when we are just going through the motions. Do you know though that the holy spirit and his words reside in you. You can call on the spirit to lift you up anywhere you are. Sometimes when I get off track, I just talk to God and even take the step to get away from all distractions and go in my closet and sit on the floor and just talk to him, pray to him, cry out to him. Do this for about a week and all of a sudden your heart will desire to read the word and then the word will come alive to you again.

anne esquibel 16 February, 2010  

Thanks guys. Yes Melissa I agree. I think it's us being sinful human creature's when things get rough and you con't "desire" to read God's word. I know God expects us not to be perfect, but to keep the lines of communication open is the best isn't it? Sometimes I forget to talk to God as if he's standing in front of me. Thanks for the advice! x