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9 March 2010

Some things I tend to forget

Nothing else matters so much as obeying God and living for Him.

God will always take care of you.

He never gives you anything you can't handle - as long as you call on Him and not of yourself.

He won't give you temptation that you can't overcome - he gives you that choice, that second chance - that moment in which he allows you to think "I have a choice right now".

He blesses you when you bless him.

There is a purpose for absolutely everything - but sometimes I forget - HE'S GOD and so great that my little human mind may not be able to comprehend the reasons He's taken my life in the direction he has, maybe someday when I am the inhabitant of a heavenly body that will be different.

He's always listening and desires to speak to me often.

My body is a temple for the Holy Spirit, when I think about where I live, I like to clean up and redecorate so that I have a sweet pad, so I should probably do the same for the Holy Spirit, even down to keeping fit so I can do whatever he wants me to, without complaining or struggling so much.

When you're singing at church, use your best voice of course and praise with other people, but sing loud and proud and sing the words to the Lord, not anyone else. So you sing loud, or maybe a little off key or just in your unique way..your voice of praise is like an angel singing to will always bring a smile to His face.

If the morning is hard - try asking God to help you, try to smile and say "The Lord is my strength"..and going with it.

We ALL make mistakes, that is what makes us human. We are creatures of desire and lust and a sinful nature. We are going to fail. God knows. He knows everything, so deal with your sin often and accept the mercy God has given us and ask for grace to overcome the sin.

Music is a powerful tool. I've always been taught to know the artist and whether you want to commit to accept their lifestyle and what they stand for. I was taught that way, sometimes I like a good tune though haha. Even so, I forget sometimes, that what I'm putting in my head directly effects me. I find when I listen to mild rock or classic rock and Christian music, that I feel better, that I find myself singing songs of praise in my head and out of my mouth.

Sleep is beneficial, food is required and there is nothing wrong with putting effort into how you look if you have the inside sorted out.

Okay well, I'm sick. (But I know God is caring for me!!)
So I should finish my tea and get some sufficient shut eye!

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