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29 June 2012

What do you fill your frame with?

What do you fill your frame with? Is it full of memories of a good times, friends, family, parties, bad times, your friends, models, celebrities, inspirational photos or old photos?

If your life were photo frame - what is it full of?

Do you fill your life with a bunch of in-the-moment times? Or do you fill it with long lasting memories. When you look in your frame of life does it make you happy or satisfied? Sometimes I'm afraid that I, myself, create this collage of some epic life and future in my frame. It's all created by my hand, it's beautiful, full of life, creative, loving, flawless, slightly selfish and completely fictional.

I like to see who people could be, and snap that image of them in my mind and put it right in my frame. I create this fictional person - who they are perfectly capable of being - who anyone could be. But when I do that I totally miss who that person really is. They could be absolutely great as they are!! And I miss out on all the small things! Or, they could be completely opposite. They could be this person that does small things to deceive you. Or maybe they are just growing like you are. And you shouldn't put some immense pressure on someone to fit your frame. Just as it is to pressure on your life.

Have goals, know what you want, but don't stress yourself out on living some perfect life to fit this frame you've built up. The only thing you need to focus on filling your life with, is God. I mean God created you, your life and everything so I'm pretty sure he is capable of making a beautiful collage in whatever frame you have. Just seek him and he'll start filling it up.

So here is my challege to myself and also to any of you. Show me what's in your frame right now! Don't pull anything from t \he past or put your goals up, just show me you. That's what I'll be doing this weekend. I will show you next week, what's in my frame.

Isaiah 55:8

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.
See what he brings to your may be different than your arrangement..