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12 September 2012

Christmas Cuppa

Perfect presents for children! And kids growing up. I made these for my neices for Christmas this year and will fill them with a few coloured permanent markers and some hot cocoa, marshmellows and candy canes!

Pick out some mugs at the dollar store 
Decorate them however you like, I chose to put a cute coffee poem and a city on one..
..and a cute way of saying I love you and owls on the other, both have the girls' names on them
Don't forget to leave instructions for Daddy!!

I loved this idea of baking on marker on a mug. The colouring idea came to me when I figured that the girls will love a mug but I think they'd love making it their own too! If you knew the personality of my neices you will know they will love love love these and their grandma and grandpa(my parents) live in England and drinking tea is big over there, maybe we can all settle down to a milky tea on Christmas. Can't wait to make more for friends!!


Bethany G 12 September, 2012  


I have seen the permanent marker on the mug thing before, but like you said TOTALLY didn't think to draw pics for the kiddos to color in!! So cool!