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1 October 2012


Man, things are really changing for me. I'm going back to school. I have a great opportunity at work and I've been getting more and more dove into my Bible and relationship with God. Which is very strange..because I couldn't make it to church on Wednesday nights, it's made me cling to it.

There is one thing I want to say though. It's not easy, these changes. It becomes easier when you embrace God's blessings and thank him. But you know, like one of my favourite older songs by Dc Talk "what if I stumble what if I fall.." the thing is, and I believe I've said it before..God not only expects this but he knows every decision we make in this walk toward Him. And he's waiting to see if we trust him and accept his guidance or if we fight it. I've given up this fight for control, I still falter, the recovery is much faster and the prevention much clearer.

I realised this tonight when the Lord revealed a few things to me. He revealed he CAN do great things with my life. He reassured me through friends that I am doing better. He encouraged me by giving me friends who are examples of God's blessings, and because of one of them I'm reminded to be thankful for everything he's given me..even the tough stuff!!

Here's to a new week and more focus, goals and trials..and many more blessings I'm sure!

Have a blessed week and I'll be back here Wednesday night for WHANM.

Ps. I love my Charles Dickens and Alberto Einstein!