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24 October 2008

:: etsy shop update!! ::

hey everyone. hope you had a good week and are getting ready for a super weekend!!

this week has been pretty busy. monday as you can see i did a practise run for my sushi and i am very excited to make tonnes for the alconbury independent baptist church's ladies "a taste of the orient" lunheon on saturday.

wednesday i scrapped. i made a doug martin page. it looks super dooper cool. i will be meeting buffy and co for our little scrap booking club next thursday!! excited!!

today i made a few sandwiches for those who don't like the way the orient tastes hehe. and tonight (fri) is our church's international dinner. i will attempt to take some photos to show off.

anyway etsy update has been done. i added 3 card making kits, thanks toy our votes. the winning vote is the design i made. and i also listed a wallet "love is". it's really cute and special. it will teach you what love is and how to know it in 11 days!! there is only one right now so get your hands on it, it's a super reasonable price. you can find it at my shop by clicking here.

here are some pics!

i also have quite a few things listed on ebay. so click here so see what i have listed.
anyway i'm super tired and i need a nap! have a good night!