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26 October 2008


I am thinking of making a few Art Journals for Home Decor and Scrap Booking. I know the Scrap Booking Journal will come handy whilst I am still living in England and the Home Decor Journal will be useful when I move back to the States. I may make a couple or buy a cute one from Elsie. For now I am going to show you what tickles my creative mind!! :)

I miss my Holga! Holga cameras make the more beaultiful effective prints. I even use mine in photoshoots with paying clients, and LOVE LOVE the results.

Green. Green is my favourite color. I love all shades from darker to lighter tones. My new place will definitely have green walls or accents.

There little Chinese toys are adorable. I took those pics at the International Market in Huntingdon, England. The little dolls are wooden and I have seen people make clay ones too. I think it would be a fun project, perhaps I'll look for kits!

These vintage mugs! They stack well and are readily available in thrift stores! Go get some! (Leave some for me though)

Last but not least CLIP BOARDS. I saw someone using them on her wall. I think her name is Rachel, I saw her link on Elsie's blog, I might have even added it in "talented people" on the right. But basically, they are GREAT organizing projects on your wall. You can line them up. I will deffinitely be implementing that idea!

Sorry to make it soooo short but I'm beat! My pictures I ordered should be here tomorrow. I may be lost in scrap world for a few days. And I'm scrap booking with Buffy and Trish on Thursday. Woooowhooo!
Peace and Love!
-sixgunannie ox