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30 October 2008

Hello. Hello Fall. Hello you.

Hey everyone, I just wanted to share with you a few things today!! It's FALL. Yes, here in England it's fall, as in cold and dark..sooner. It gets dark around 4:30pm. So we only have a few hours of good light. BUT it feels like halloween. I'm not a big celebrator, I go out in the States, dress up. But I don't really party much or trick or treat. But the strange thing is, when I go for a the next smells like it did when I was kid. The sun is shining but it's also cloudy, it's chilly but a flannel shirt is all I need, and it smells like freshness. You feel the warmth of the inside..outside and appreciate it much more. Home becomes cozy, inside warm, hot things comforting. The smell of apple pie or mince pies makes you want to curl up and watch a movie or play a game or (for me!!) scrap book. Tea tastes better, sleep is harder. It's fall.

So I made these fingerless gloves!!

I know they kind of look hobo(ish) still but do not fear, these special fingerless gloves I will be adding buttons and lace to. Maybe some cool stuff I find.


My Mum made them, I iced them. BOOOOO!!!
This is where I walk!!
This is the pub up the road! Doesn't it remind you of The Holiday!! Hehe.

My first layout in my scrap book where I've sewn it!!

This is of my great friend/brother Elree Ellis(as most know him). He changed my life in one summer. I've never seen so much love from someone as I have from this man and his family. Now I have many sisters and brothers and even a Mum away from my real Mum. Sharon, Will's mother always makes a soul feel loved and welcome and we enjoy eachothers fellowship so much!! Love and miss you guys!!
That's all for now. I'm very sleepy. But tomorrow we get our frist Tesco Rental by post. Wooowhoo finally some good wholesome films, instead of the flops that they have available at Blockbuster here.
Peace and Love!
Six Gun Annie