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10 October 2008

"The office party was hardly where I wanted to be on Christmas Eve..

..I remember December was the coldest month..plenty of hats and coats for us to hide amongst.." - playing with matches "slow things down" ::

Hey everyone. I've been so exhausted lately. I've not had time to post many pictures. But I will let you know of my ventures today.

At the garden Mum found 8x10 canvases (they were a yellow canvas with a red tiger outline) for 99p!! No, I do not want a bunch of tiger paintings//I want to paint over them. You won't find that size canvas for 99p. I get 4, my mum gets 3.

We also got some sponge WATCH OUT. for more paintings and podgery.

Well tomorrow I do this beginners Scrap Booking meeting with my church women. It should be really fun. I got a Scrapbook magazine I'm going pass out some copies of layouts. Show them mine and promote Love, Elsie..hehe.

Anyway!! I'm very sleepy. Good night!! ::
ps. any have plans for the weekend?