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11 October 2008

hello hello :: !!

I updated my etsy store. I did 4 paintings which go well together or seperate. They are adorable and for a great price..

Hello my friends. Today was exhausting! I went to Cambridge with my parents and our friends from the States, David and Jane Larson. It was really fun. First off we did the open bus tour (which was GREAT because I was exhausted before I even left) so it was a nice start, I loved sitting there learning, seeing and having the wind blow through my hair.

Next we went to ASK to eat some lunch. I had 2 little starters. One was just some ciabatta with olive oil and balsamic vinigar, the other was two little pieces of Italian bread, top with half a tomato on each, on top of that was a slice of goats cheese( yum !! ) and there was a mixture of vinigar red onions, fresh greens and rocket in the middle on the plate. And to top it all off, caramelised onions. Oh yes. It was delicious!

Then we walked around a shopped a bit. I saw ALOT and I saw the most amazing thing, which I will either share with you tomorrow or Monday. ( because I'm so sleepy you see..)

i a r t & i n t g t s -_-

Peace and love!!