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16 October 2008

oh i do like..

elsie flannigan's new journals she has available in her etsy store they are super cool and going green with some recyled paper <3

i am getting so ecited at some day receiving a settlement from when that drunk driver hit me..and am looking forward(among many other things) getting a loft and new super cute plain (not with those logos) dishes and pieces of dinnerwear!!

i had a mountain dew can today..we don't have the great md here in england, so i enjoyed whilst watching a movie tonight. and it was really special. yummy !!

i absolutely LOVE my daniel leigh!! i'm super proud of every achievement he's made in every band he's started or worked with and his solo career, and his super hot body he maintains by taking off his shirt and working out in front of me..hehe.

someday - i'm going to have my favourite sushi roll. the fried california roll with tempura and sweet spicy sauce. oh yes. bring on the wasabi and soy sauce. buurrrp.

i have one lime left. i think i will save it for saturday night..with lots of salt.

those are just a few of my favourite thiiiings. hehe. be sure to check out if you have an etsy store. it's a great community.

peace and love!
-six gun

(ps vote on your favourite card design!!)