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20 October 2008

sushi maniac!

yes that's me. a sushi maniac. i love making and eating sushi. so to no ones surprise i am making tonnes on saturday (possibly a few on fri too) for the international dinner at church and the ladies taste of the orient tea on sat.

i will be taking orders for parties up until christmas, so book now or forever hold your peace. i have great deals on platters, and can present with the theme of your party! each platter includes YOUR FAV variation, dipping sauces and tempura(optional) yum yum. message me for details!

here are some i made tonight for my fam:

tomorrow i see the anastesiologist. i'm not sure how you spell that, but hopefully he will be impressed with my weightloss and book me for surgery within the next month. yayee!! and OUCH !!.

wednesday i'm getting together with buffy s. for some mega scrap booking. we are starting at 10am! woowhoo. i will probably do a couple pages. and then start on my christmas card kits!! the winner will be announced soon.

thats all for now i'm soooo sleepy!!

peace and love!!
-six gun annie

ps. i love poker palace. im addicted. :O