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13 October 2008

//still recovering//

from the weekend. i know crazy. im way too young to be this tired.

anyway. i had some CRAZY nightmare last night.

first one ::
i was almost like the star of a horror movie, because i knew what was going to happen, maybe it was a reoccuring dream. however. it started with me wading across a small little river/waterfall and finding some huge metal piece of a ship in the water. i didn't want the bad guy(who was like a demon ghosts..he reminded me a freddy crougar and also the devil thing from event horizon) to get it for some reason. so.. i crossed the river and went into a dark house. (now this p a r t was like a l o n e in the d a r k, the game and like the foofighters vid). i walk into the house. and immediately i feel comfortable. i walk across the front room and look up and see this room, kindah in the attic area, i walk closer to it and see two littel twin boys playing with a ball. they were pale and have raggedy shorts on, floppy hair and looked adorable, i rubbed their heads and said, ya playin? then i walked past them and one turned around and grabbed my leg..and i think i was suppost to go up there in the attic and face the demons. coz he said "you must go.." and i was like "no freaking way." and i struggles free, ran across a football field and came to a diner/cafe hotelish place. i ran across the dining room to the toilets (the bad guy was chasing me! with his younger son who was similar to the aussie guy from Coyote Ugly but on some bad demon trip p p p !!) i got inside and i REALLY had to pee just as i sat down and started to tinkle i stopped and lifted my feet up coz i saw HIS feet walk in. i was really quiet but it was too late he knew i was in there and he busted the door open. he told me to take the knife and shove it in my chest. then he went around the corner to wait for me to kill myself, instead i moaned like i did, but pushed past them and ran downstairs to the diner..there i hit under some kids with afro's table. but as soon as i looked out from it he was there and said :: heeello :: i forced myself to wake up. i was all sweaty, it was so intense i knew i would fall right back into it so i put a movie in and went back to sleep like 20 mins later.

second one i do not remember too well.

the third one there was a HUGE haunted school. i happend to go there. which the chinese boy from "heroes" and chelsey. we entered and of course it's at night with no lights. the first class was a in a small room just to the right of the front door. the front door always had a candle so it was easy to stand going to that class. got in and sat through a lesson in business..led by a nice ghost teacher. there were a few mean ghost students that were SO :: m e s s e d :: up that you couldn't even look at them, they were like the ghosts from 13th ghost. you know evil looking, suicidal and missing limbs. anyway when class was over we lit some candles and went to our next was down the hall to the left of the front door. we had to pass by the gym which was empty but you could hear faint screaming and oooaaahs like the oooaaah on beetlejuice when they are trying to scare delia in her designed sheets and lydia is knocking on the walls saying "im a child!" anyway. that was really spooky, as i looked over me lft should i noticed i left my laundry in that room. i don't know why i had my laundry but i did and i kept thinking "don't forget your laundry" that first class was like a "safe" room as long as you kept your eyes forward. we came to our second class and there were no REAL desks or chairs, only see through ghost ones. so me the chinese boy went to another class room to get some. when we walked in the room there was a ghost of the woman who made our first american flag, whith the people who were hanging in the school in sixth sense. they were mad and didn't want us to take the chair and started to groan with scary multiple voices like demons. i started to yell "the power of christ compells you the power of christ compells you and this only made them mad as they started to levitate. then i said :: in the name of jesus christ i command thee to show yourself :: and the voices came together in unison and said "i am here" and then a BRIGHT !! light came from the corner just above and to the left of my head and floated down, i couldn't even look at it, he said "i command thee to stop!" and they stopped. my guess is it was god. i forced myself to wake up.

so let me know what you think. scary or what? i know..right. anyway. im exhausted. i made 8 christmas card(prototypes) i will put them on here and you can decide which one is the best. which ever you choose i will make it into a card making kit for 5 cards and put it on my etsy shop. i will also give one pack away in a contest so keep an eye out!

peave and love!!

:: ( and aparently s p o o k y dreams!! )