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12 October 2008

this weekend we went to..

We had alot of was totally exhausting though. Anyway..


Punting on the river..

this looked really intersting. i think it's like and offline etsy. everything handmade..with L(o)VE :: !!

i want some of these for my apartment when i move back to springfield. they remind me of me and chelsey for some reason! !!

:serious. buildings.

SERIOUSLY - !! they are not allowed to have cars at cambridge university. so there are like, billions of bicycles YEAH..and from the lovely tour I went on i learnt..they also were not aloowed to go to it would distract them from their studies!! !! seriously. only:it was a long time ago.!

they are BIG on music..personally i thought he was far from rubbish. muahahaha. THIS IS A REAL PIC I TOOK..guy playing in trash can.

thats all she wrote kids. im tired. ox