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28 November 2008

Cathy of California

Hey everyone. I trust you are having a good holiday. Hope everyone had a lovely Thankgiving!!

I was looking at my friend's shop the funkyfelter at her beautiful designs. She really has the ability to felt the most beautiful handmade goods. I just love this hat:

So I decided to look more into it. I think I may try a few projects and see what I can do. When I was looking for instuctions on I found the most biggested vintage inspiration I've yet to come upon in my crafting life! Cathy of California. She collefts, repurposes and make vintage items. Not only does she have beauitful things she makes herself but she really puts herself out there and make kits for us simpltons to do..

I absolutely fell in love with these pin cushions!!

This is one item I'm seriously contemplating purchasing either this kit or the vintage flower kit.

Super cute flower loom!!(kit!!!!!!!)

The flowers themselves..

I would be alot more bloggy but I am pretty sure I am getting sick. :( Boo! I still have one more Thanksgiving to dinner to eat on Sunday.
Tomorrow- my precious Daniel will be here!! I love him so much, hehe you'll never comprehend. Hopefully I'll feel better, he's here all weekend. Maybe I will do a blog on him, so you all will have a better idea of who he is.
Peace and love!


Shalana, the funky felter 01 December, 2008  

Thanks for featuring my hat :) Your blog is really nice! I'll add it to my blog roll so that I can check in more often.

anne esquibel 02 December, 2008  

Hey thanks!! I will put yours on my blog roll too. When I do one. :)