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8 November 2008

Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Hey everyone. So I was looking for alternative treatment from taking pain killers long term. Most of you will say "just take the pain killers" but those of you who do I highly doubt take copius amount of it. Long term use of synthetic opiate drugs is very dangerous as it can severely damage your liver.

Some more natural alternatives I've found are Iboga can actually get Iboga tea, so I might try that to use in my system, it has MANY benefits. Not only pain relieving ones. There is also Medical Marijuana. I am not a fan of smoking it, but there are other ways of using it too. Don't get me wrong - I am not a stoner. but I've read many people with m coniditon are users and it does help to control long term pain and even helps alot in reducing infammation!!

If you have any natural alternatives to pain killers please let me know. And I will look into it. Also feel free to give my your opinions on Iboga and Cannabis.

Remember, there is no cure for HS and over time it does get worse. There is no clinical successful treatment either, only slight controls.


brian 20 September, 2009  

I to have this horrible condition and nothing anyone has tried has helped. I to take opiates for the horrendous,unending pain. If you find something, post it on the website. Be strong, not likeme, as I have contemplated suicide as the treatments do nothing, or add to the misery that I live in.

Anonymous,  20 September, 2009  

thats not true alot of people believe smoking weed is a cause of HS

Beloved 26 December, 2009  

I have HS and I have used marijuana for the pain and it is the ONLY thing that I have found to really relieve it.
The dr's gave me prescription ibuprofen... and I'm stage 2...
Are you kidding me?
That's like putting a band-aid on an amputation.
Marijuana really helps.

PB2MYJ,  09 February, 2010  

I have a very severe case of HS and smoke medical marijuana on a daily basis. I myself can't even stomach ibuprofen, or opiate painkillers, Even after eating I still get sick to my stomach and usually end up throwing up. People seem to think if you smoke herb you're a hippie or stoner. I also use Notox by Cannabee ( it's a really small amount for $30, but it helps with inflammation as would boilease, but it's made with cannabis extract, and smells like yummy oranges, instead of the nastiness of ointments. I use it sparingly, usually my top part of my body where I can really smell the meds. Hope this helps!

h_m_feather 10 February, 2010  

i have this condition too. doctors here seem to be oblivious. i have thought about becoming a medical marijuana patient, which is legal in my state. right now tho I'm just doing research. It's nice to know that there are people with my condition that use marijuana medically. it gives me more to add to my research. thank you.

brian 11 February, 2010  

Can somebody please help me!I am progressing to stage three and nothing helps with pain. I have lost everything due to this. Why? The smell is so bad . I shower 4 times a day, but it still smells. I have it in a private area and I am probably going to lose my scrotum. My doctor is cluless. I really going to exit this fucking world!!!!!!

VK 18 March, 2010  

Brian, I understand how you feel. I'm in stage 2/3 and burts bee's res-q helps with the healing process and the smell, aloe vera too.

I do smoke marijuana for the pain and swelling, it helps a great deal. Most pain medications make me really sick, but the ER and my doctors keep shoving them at me. I throw away the scripts and spend the money on weed. I hope they legalize medical marijuana soon. :[

It's scary to think I could be jailed for buying a very effective medication. It's a sad thing, man.

DudeMan 23 August, 2010  

I have never tried "medical" marijuana but I used to get high all day everyday for years. I dont anymore, and I dont think it helped in anyway with my HS. What really helped a lot was Tumeric, yes Tumeric like the spice. I take the powder form but they also sell pills of Tumeric. Within 1 day most all of my active HS was cleared up. It really does work, just try it. Tumeric has very good anti-inflammatory properties. I just wouldnt combine it with the weed cause you'll probably get all baked and forget to take your tumeric;)

Anonymous,  10 March, 2011  

The only thing other than abusing substancial amounts of painkillers (Advil, IB profine, Tylenol 3's...) Is marijuana. It's the only thing that I've found more effective than consuming painkillers like candy. And hell, it's natural.

Otilia 05 March, 2013  

Although there is no such thing as a miracle cure, some options for pain relief are available: hot baths with tea tree oil, applying aloe vera and lemon juice is reported to help with the pain (not to be applied on open wounds). Hope this helps

Anonymous,  02 December, 2013  

I have HS late stage 2. I have greatly slowed the progress of the disease over the last six months by eating a Paleo and Gluten Free Diet. Look up/Google: Paleo for Autoimmunity and you will find Robb Wolf's website. He explains what you can eat- its mostly meat, eggs, sweet potatoes, broccoli, greens and berries. I make spinach and strawberry smoothies. Drink that twice a day and eat lots of meat and sweet potatoes for dinner. The sweet potatoes fill you up. Gluten free means you must avoid wheat, barley and rye found in breads and many prepackaged or canned goods. Do not give in - follow the diet, you will get better. It may require giving up foods you love, like sugar, chocolate, coffee, etc- like me, but you will get better. I wish pain free days for you all!

Anonymous,  27 October, 2014  

I'm at stage 3 with my HS, been suffering for 25 yrs. Recently thru obsessive research I've found the cause is believed to be from Candida (yeast). I'm experimenting with different supplements, Tumeric, Zinc Gluconate, Flaxseed oil, Pau D'Arco tea and probiotics. Right now I eliminated my diet down to meat, green veggies and strawberries. (I strongly suggest avoiding potatoes, tomatoes and any spicy vegetable and certain pepper spices... These are huge triggers for HS in general) Eat only berries for fruit as they are lowest in sugar. Keep all sugar and yeast to a minimum. And take probiotics. HS cannot be treated with antibiotics do not take them unless you're treating a different illness that requires it. You have a type of yeast infection, not bacterial. I've been dieting and taking my supplements for a month now I'm doing a lot better, not 100% but my condition is improving greatly! Cutting the sugar is most important so the Candida has nothing to feed on. It's hard but well worth it! As far as weed goes, I love it as much as the next person but had to slow down alot, as it gave me the munchies for sugary foods. So if this describes you, take it easy or stop for a bit. It can take 3-6 months for the body to rebalance itself. It's a trial and error process so stay patient with yourselves and good luck everyone!

Anonymous,  14 March, 2015  

just been reading up on that rob wolf Paleo and a lot of people say it works.

I've just done a 7 day water fast - easier than it sounds - and guess what? - boils are down and even some old, old scars are healing.

started eating again and had a flare up - stage 3.

Going to do another water fast and then start gradually introducing foods for 2 weeks at a time and see if i have flare ups. I've read to eliminate all nighstshades - but didn't realise less obvious culprits like caffeine, eggs, artificial sweeteners

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Sweet dreams 26 May, 2017  

Taking the antidepressant Wellbutrin completely puts mine into remission, I'm not sure why but I guess it works the same with psoriasis and chrones by inhibiting tumor necrosis factor in other words it's called a TNF inhibitor. I take a dose of 300 mg of the xl version but I don't like the other side effects it gives me so I've started a water fast to cleanse my body and heal up all the scars and so far Day 2 it's working. I hope to lose around 20 lbs this time and eat mostly raw fruit and veg before going on another waterfast to lose a further 20 lbs and then slowly reintroduce foods back in and avoid triggers. I find tumeric, Nac, zinc, vit D works as well as long baths and eating mostly paleo foods. Good luck everyone ��

Naturalherbs Solutions 18 November, 2017  

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